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Are you looking to get more clients for your photography business? Do you want to beat the competition and grow yourself as a photographer?

Take it from someone who knows what you're going through. I've been there. I know what it feels like when you start losing clients because your cheap quality competitor has low rates. Let me tell you exactly how I will help grow your Photography business and take it to new heights through my proven strategies and ideas.

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    Photography Marketing expert Gaurav chatwani


    Hi, I’m Gaurav Chatwani, a marketing expert for photographers with over 5 years of combined experience in digital marketing and photography. Me and my team help photographers like you to simplify your marketing and achieve more success with your campaigns. We will help you optimize and promote your photography business, services, website, app, and social channels so as to receive more sustainable leads that convert into sales. In short, we will take care of your growth needs so you can focus on your creative services.

    As a photographer myself, I understand how difficult it is to make a living as a professional photographer these days and maintain a constant flow of clients. There is a huge competition in the market, most of which comes at cheap rates. With your competitors offering the same services (as yours) at lower rates, it can be difficult for your photography business to continue getting clients. So, what can you do?

    Well, Digital Marketing is the way for you.

    As a full-service Marketing consultant for photographers, I can help re-evaluate your marketing strategy (or create one from scratch) to get you more promising leads that convert. I can even provide you with coaching on how to boost your photography business sales with SEO, website optimization, blogging, paid marketing, social media, and lead generation.


    Client Reviews​

    Don’t Just Take Out Word For It. See What Our Client Have To Say About Us

    Working with Gaurav to promote my photography business through SEO and Social Media has been my best decision ever. He as well as his entire team is super talented, skilled, and dedicated to crafting result-focused marketing strategies for photographers. They have a good experience also. I totally recommend him as a marketing expert for photographers
    Aniket Ashwani
    As a photography marketing coach, Gaurav and his team have been helping me with important tips, ideas and strategies to promote my photography services online and get more clients through both organic and paid search results. I am very grateful for their service.
    Rohan Sharma
    Gaurav is an amazing marketing consultant for photographers. He knows the industry and took only a couple of meetings to understand my requirements and project. Later, he delivered a wonderful marketing strategy that I am still using to drive growth to my photography business.
    Nikhil Joshi
    Our clients
    Shot Guru
    light the moment photography client
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    ash photography client for marketing services

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    Photograph Marketing Services I Provide

    Marketing for photographers is anything but easy. Thankfully, you can outsource the same to a more qualified team of marketing experts. The photography marketing services we provide include:

    Website & Blogging

    If you don’t already have a website for your photography business, I will create one for you. In addition, I will also create a dedicated blog to get your photo-stories out there in the world and keep customers coming back for more. Sounds cool?

    Technical SEO

    I will optimize your Photography website for technical SEO things such as loading speed, responsiveness, errors & bugs, canonical (redirects), robots.txt, interlinks, security, sitemaps, etc. to make it easy to crawl for Google and users.

    Link Building

    At the same time, my team of expert photographer marketers will take care of building a nice, high-quality backlink profile for your business from high-authority sites in your niche as a way to increase your organic search engine ranking.

    Google Ads/ Facebook Ads

    Paid advertising (PPC) through Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a great and the quickest way to get your brand at the top of Google for almost no effort. From landing page creation, optimization and tracking, we will take care of it all.

    Social Media Marketing

    We use social media to find and engage with your target audiences in the photography industry and to market your products/services to potential customers on Facebook, Twitter, etc. via personalised content, posts, images, and ads.

    Photography Marketing Consulting

    Want to learn the basics of marketing for your photography business or need help with a marketing problem? I’m just a call away to answer all your questions or to solve your problem via email/video or face-to-face.

    Top Reasons why you should hire me as your Photography marketing coach/expert

    Photography is something I’m very passionate about, and digital marketing I have been doing all my adult life. And, I know how to combine these two to drive growth for any photography website through effective marketing.

    Having over 5 years of experience in digital marketing for photographers makes me uniquely able to understand your business, target customers and market and craft the best strategy to promote your services to potential clients.

    Unlike other marketing agencies that will try and fail to promote multiple services in different industries, we only have one specialization – marketing for photographers. We are passionate, dedicated and committed to help photographers grow.

    Through years of work and experience, I have positioned myself as a qualified marketing expert for photographers that clients love to trust. I am reliable to the core and flexible enough to meet your specific marketing needs and goals.

    When working with a photographer or company, our only goal is to bring the results our customers want. All our work, efforts, strategies, and research are focused on a single goal – to drive results (traffic, leads & sales) to your business.

    We know marketing can sometimes put a big burden on your pocket, especially if you’re a small business or individual photographer. But, don’t worry. While our services are the best in quality, our prices are the most down to earth and will perfectly fit your budget.

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