About Me

by Gaurav Chatwani
Gaurav chatwani photography business consultant

Hi. I am Gaurav Chatwani, a photographer turned digital entrepreneur. I’m here to support photographers and photography agencies to build a profitable business online through growth marketing strategies. 

Having over 5 years of combined experience in the photography industry and digital marketing and a talented team of marketers, designers, developers & content creators to back my services, I am committed to helping buddy photographers (like you) to rise and shine through effective marketing solutions to promote their products/services online, reach more customers and get more sales/leads to their photography business.

Looking for a marketing partner for your photography business? That’s me!

My mission is to create & deliver the best photography resources, digital strategies and solutions to help 10000+ photographers build a profitable and long-term business online.

I help photographers with the best quality, relevant and engaging content to get their ideas out in the world through the right words. All blogs & videos are packed with deep research, experience and the problems that photographers faces in the real business world.

In other words, I give them valuable content to promote their product/service and convert prospects into sales.

I write & publish problem solving, value-packed content for photographers

I run a Photographer Marketing Community (Group) on Facebook

I also run a Photographer Marketing Community (Group) on Facebook, helping both new and seasoned photographers with growth solutions, strategies, tips and ideas. It’s a platform for photographers and marketers to come together and learn the best of two worlds. 

Join this private group of ambitious photographers and digital experts who share their insights, knowledge and strategies to make photography awesome every day.

I provide digital marketing services, resources and strategies for photographers to grow their business, get more leads, make new clients and retain customers for long.

As a marketing expert for photographers, I provide the following services:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Marketing (Paid Advertising)
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Business Seo
  • Content Marketing
  • Photography Business Consultant

I provide industry specialized growth marketing services for photographers

The Story of how I started Digital Solutions Agency for Photographers -

My journey as a photographer started when I was in 9th standard and had joined a photography agency. I had no big plans at that time, just wanted to learn as much as I could. And I did learn a lot.

Eventually, I moved on, but photography didn’t leave me. I bought my first DSLR on July 1, 2014. Then and there, I knew I was going to become a photographer.

Started taking photos of friends and family. Soon, I was looking for clients to try my hands in professional photography. Got my first gig to do a photoshoot for a friend. It was a nice and enriching feeling. I was unstoppable after that.

Over a period of three years, I worked with 100+ clients on many photography projects, including jewellery photography, portrait photography and family photoshoots. By then, I had a pretty good idea about how to run a photography business, the kind of clients there are, and the challenges of making a living as a professional photographer.

But, destiny had different plans for me. Eventually, I got exhausted by the challenges and continued pressure from my family to opt for a different career. 

However, things did turn out for the best, as I started working at my cousin’s digital marketing company. Soon, I was helping businesses, both small and big, with strategies and digital solutions to grow their client base, get new leads and turn prospects into customers.

Many of my clients were from the photography industry, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow my photography marketing skills while working with them.

Having a strong background in the industry helped me understand their requirements easily and produce the best digital strategies/solutions accordingly.

Soon, my thirst for knowledge got beyond my current space, so I shifted to a bigger (SAAS-based) agency, where I got the chance to work on many enterprise-level marketing projects.

The years I spent there did me a lot of good. My knowledge and experience in digital marketing and the understanding of the online marketing process improved drastically.

All this led to where I’m today. I started my digital marketing agency for photographers in January 2020 with the aim to help new & struggling photographers to build a sustainable business through digital marketing.

I now use my knowledge and experience in the two industries to offer services as a Photography business & marketing consultant, delivering strategies, solutions and resources to help photographers grow.

Having my own business related to photography is enough to excuse for me to regularly brush up my photography skills. I travel and shoot, alone or with my friends, whenever I get a chance.

Thanks for reading my story. 🙏

If you feel like talking to me about anything or need to consult photography with someone who knows things, schedule a 15 minutes free discussion session 👇