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by Gaurav Chatwani

Digital Marketing Services to Grow Your Photography Business
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Welcome here! I am ready to go all the way with you on this journey.

I understand that feeling of not knowing how to start earning money with photography. You have a tough time booking gigs. You feel like you’re doing a lot of work, but earning very little. Well, it’s time to utilize industry specialized digital marketing services for your photography business.

gaurav chatwani professional digital marketer for photographers

About Us - Professional Digital Marketers For Photographers 📸

Hi. I’m Gaurav Chatwani, a photographer turned digital marketer. I’m here to support photographers and photography agencies to build a profitable business online through result-oriented growth marketing solutions. This will make you focus less on the technical details regarding the marketing of your business and devote more time to the art of photography. I have in-depth knowledge of your burning desires, which is to promote your work and increase your leads. I provide unique and affordable digital marketing services that help you accomplish your marketing goals using the right techniques and strategies; I’m all about helping my clients build a successful and profitable photography business with digital marketing.

My five years of combined experience working in the digital marketing and photography industry gave me a much-needed understanding of the photography industry and set me up brilliantly to help you promote your photography business. Yes, I love exploring the wells of creativity through photography, but I also provide technical solutions for the photography business. For all I am, I value simplicity and enjoy working with brave, hard-working and passionate photographers.

Why & When You Should Go For Digital Marketing?

Running a photography business online has some nerve-wracking downsides: 

  • The struggle to get consistent leads and traffic.
  • How to rank on Google search. 
  • Platforms to invest your efforts online.
  • How to position yourself in the market.
  • Price cutting by competitors


When photographer should go for digital marketing
professional digital marketing services for photographers

Whatever stage you’re in:

  • Whether you think you are a small business and has no space to rank.
  • If you have no idea how to land clients online.
  • If you don’t know the best marketing strategies to advertise your brand
  • If you are overwhelmed by the technical digital marketing stuff.
  • If you have engaged the services of digital marketing experts who aren’t specialized in photography.

No problem! I understand the struggles of running a photography business. That’s why we built tailor-made growth marketing solutions for your photography business. You will learn all you need to know about creating attention-grabbing marketing strategies for your photography business to attract your audience and clients.

Well, Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Choosing a trustworthy digital marketing expert for your photography business can be a daunting task. However, there are reasons I stand out from the crowd and offer the best technical solutions to your business –

Unlike other digital marketing experts who do not specialize in a micro-niche, I’m committed and focused on tailor-made solutions specifically only for photographers. I work ONLY with photographers; I’m surely the best fit for you.

I was a photographer so I possess a comprehensive understanding of the photography industry and the technical ability that would make your business stand out among competitors.

I often publish result-oriented content for photographers to help them meet and surpass their business expectations.

To save your time and reduce your stress for research, I’ve filtered out complicated digital marketing jargon and presented it to you in form of the latest and most updated photography digital marketing techniques that work in 2020 and beyond.

I give 100% in all the values and services I offer; I’m responsible and accountable for my work.

Quality is the difference between a bad service and a good service. To show your customers that you mean quality, we’ll market your photography service with a focus on high-quality traffic that converts.

Tailor-made Marketing Solutions to Fit Your Marketing Goals Straight Away. No Excuses, Only Results! Contact Now for a Free 15-mins digital marketing strategy discussion on the video call.

Digital Marketing Services We Provide To Photographers


Results-driven SEO (link building) services that will put your photography business/website at the top of Google search results for all your target keywords to drive maximum organic traffic and leads you can get from Google.

Web Design

I have put die-hard efforts to fine-tune my web designing skills in past years. I know what it takes to craft stunning photography websites that bring success and value to my clients. View our services page to know more.


Get your business on top of organic search results on Google and in front of your target audiences on Facebook with our specialist Google Ads/ Facebook Ads services for photographers. Pay only for what you get!

Social Media Management

From building a business page on Facebook to creating a fully-fledged social media strategy to increase your brand popularity, reach and traffic and tracking and managing your social media campaign ROI, we do it all.

On-site Blogging

Having an on-site business blog is a great way to showcase your new products/services, creativity, ideas and thoughts to and engage with your customers, ultimately leading them to buy from you.

CRM Management

Besides acquiring new customers and sales, it’s also important to focus on retaining your existing customers and keep providing the best quality services. Our customer relationship management services will take care of that.

Client Reviews

Have A Look What Our Clients Are Saying For Us

This changed my life, as a wedding photographer I was having a really hard time with booking weddings, no one wanted to have me on their special day because of my sloppy internet presence. But now everything’s changed. I have a wedding almost every day which allows me to build up my rates and even hire 3 other photographers to work for me.
Aniket Ashwani
I took photos for fun, sure I had a decent amount of followers on insta but I never knew that I could make money out of it. These guys helped me realize that I could be making a living out of my ‘quirky pics’. My prints are selling like hotcakes. Thanks, guys.
Rohan Sharma
I didn’t go to college so I can pursue a career as a photographer, it was ok when I was living at home with my parents, but when I moved out I barely had money to pay the rent. I almost gave up on photography when I stumbled on to this website. I couldn’t believe it. Turns out doubting myself didn’t help but digital marketing… It sure did.
Alex Peter

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Trendy Digital Marketing Practices and Techniques We Use

Guest Posting For Photographers

Relevant Guest Posting

Yes, guest posting is one of the strategies we use in gaining high-quality links for your website. We write and publish SEO articles for your website and blogs. Over time, the backlinks will increase the value of your website or blog on search engines, making it easier to find.

Social Media client Tagging Photographers

Social Media Client Tagging

We will use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach and promote to your customers, engage with them and eventually build a solid reputation for your brand/name. To expand your reach and popularity, we’ll use trending hashtags with your branding.

Presence on Google Maps For Photographers

Presence on Google Maps

In order to attract people close to you, local SEO might not be enough. To get ahead of other competitors, increase your visibility by generating leads from people nearby who would like to engage your services. We give your business an edge by ensuring your presence is felt online via Google maps.

Micro Keywords Targeting

Advanced Micro Keywords Targeting

The impact of keyword research on SEO rankings and performance cannot be over-emphasized. We make advanced keywords research which enables you to gain a better understanding of your target audience and how to reach them effectively.

Content Share ability

Maximized Content “Shareability

Of course, shareable content affirms your business causes and beliefs. We provide not only you with unique, valuable, and informative content, we also maximize their shareability on other social media platforms and blogs. With this strategy, you end up attracting more audience and profit returns.

Story-Based Marketing For Photographers

Story-Based Marketing Approach

This is one of the ultimate and most effective digital marketing strategies. We help you market your services online by building a connection and loyal relationships between you and your clients. We achieve this goal by creating an audio or visual customer-centred storytelling brand experience.

Content Blogging

User-Friendly Content Blogging

Not everyone has the luxury of time or patience to go through your entire content. We provide you with summarized, organized, and well-detailed content for your blogs and website.

Google Rankbrain Optimization

Site Optimization for Google RankBrain

Although backlinks and keywords serve as conventional SEO ranking signals, Google RankBrain is fast displacing them. Besides providing you with natural backlinks, we also optimize your website for Google RankBrain.

Listing on Top Directories of Photographers

Listing on Top Directories of Photographers

Imagine your photography business is being listed on top directories of exceptional photographers across the globe. It will be amazing, isn’t it? Yes, we can also help you achieve that, albeit easily.

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faq about digital marketing services

FAQ About Digital Marketing Services For Photographers

In this life, nothing is guaranteed! But, we assure you that we will leave no stone unturned to promote your business to the right audience and get your more traffic & leads through our huge industry experience and data resources. We promise to work hard on your project and not rest until the desired results are achieved.

You really do not have to learn digital marketing. We are here to promote your business through result-oriented digital marketing strategies. However, it is an added advantage if you could learn digital marketing.

You really do not have to worry about the cost of dealing with the technical aspects of your photography business. Our services are value-packed, yet cost-effective. In fact, our video proposal will convince you.

Maybe you should, maybe you shouldn’t. The only thing I can tell you is that I will never break your trust if you choose to believe me with your previous business/website campaign. As for other digital marketers, here’s why my services are better than most:

Specialist: I only do marketing for photographers

Experienced: Got a huge experience and a very good understanding of this (photography) industry and audience

Quality: In the end, it’s all about quality. And that’s what you’ll get from me.

Trusted: I have been here for very long, and I’m known to be a credible person. You can trust me!

Accountable: When I accept your project, I also accept the responsibility for results.

Despite people thinking that our job is done by a push of a button, photographers have a huge workload. We need to find a client, do a shoot, then comes editing and post-production. Adding digital marketing to the pile is just too much. It can be confusing and overwhelming, not knowing how to advertise yourself and stick out from the crowd of talented photographers. Sad truth is, most successful photographers nowadays are not more skilled or talented than any other photographer, the successful ones are just tech-savvy. They know how to use the power of digital marketing to their advantage or they have a digital marketing expert for photographers on their side. So don’t go thinking you are not good enough or that you don’t have the right gear to own a successful photography business, a lot of good photographers with lots and lots of gear struggle to find clients and earn money with their craft. The truth is that they don’t know how to make themselves known, how to get their photos out there and how to reach the proper clientele for those photos. With my help, you could be turning your hobby into your profession. Or simply you could be getting paid for making art. Overall, you not only need to be good at photography but you need people to know that you are good at photography.

First of all, you actually need to remove some false beliefs that you buried into your mindset. Don’t underestimate photography because now is the time for us to soar. There have never been more photographers in demand. Ever. Everybody wants someone to take their photos whether they are Instagram models, families, companies, everybody wants a piece of us. So why not grasp this chance to do what you love and not have to worry about the boresome part of owning a business, we will take care of that. You just relax and take photos. We will take care of the rest.

We’ll help you better manage your web presence across platforms, we’ll guide you through the proper steps of digital marketing using and with our expertise your business will soar. Today, a lot of photographers neglect their websites or blogs, thinking that they are not useful for gaining revenue, well that’s not the case. We use our knowledge in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) to help your website reach the people in need of photographers like you, with WhiteHat techniques we can help you generate organic traffic on your website which will lead to clients finding you.

As we all know, with the convenience of the internet and apps, people look for everything on the internet, they check the weather, order food, shop for clothes and yes, they look for photographers. This is why it is most important that when your clients look for a photographer, you’ll be the one that ‘pops up’ In order to do this we will help you find out who your clients are, what they like, and where they are so you can be there too. Your web presence and digital marketing are more important than being able to take good photos. You might think to yourself “Well I’ll just pay for an ad, and they’ll find me” Well think again. When was the last time you clicked on a simple ad or hired someone from an ad? You must know how things work first, in order to use them wisely. That’s why we have photography marketing experts and with our experts in photography marketing and our digital marketing services, you’ll be choosing your clients. That’s right. You won’t be looking for clients, you’ll be choosing from the ones that want you to be their photographer. We will lay down a map for you which will lead you all the way to the top.