101 Ideas To Get More Wedding Photography Clients (Official 2020 Updated)

by Gaurav Chatwani
get more wedding photography clients

Are you struggling to get more wedding photography clients?

Looking for some innovative ways to scale wedding photography business?

Well, I would like to congratulate you as you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, I am gonna share 101 ideas to increase your wedding photography bookings.

In fact, It took me 30 days to write up this complete post.

And I’ve also discussed with my previous photography clients to get valuable insights from them which I’ve included in this post.

This post combines my 3 years of experience in photography and digital marketing. To save your time and research, I’ve researched ideas from more than 10 books and 100’s of blogs.

The most important thing, all ideas are practical and doable to get more wedding photography clients.

Before we start, I’ve one surprise for you. If you don’t have time to read the whole post, I would suggest you download pdf by submitting your details below:

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    Table of Contents

    Lets’ Start This Guide On How To Find & Get More Clients For Wedding Photography

    1) Selling Add on Products

    This is where many successful wedding and portrait photographers make most of their money. When upselling, you show clients product ideas beyond what they originally came for. Because you don’t incur additional marketing costs and you already have the images, add-on sales are great for boosting your bottom line. Add-on sales can be effective because you are selling to people who already love your work.

    This could be a framed wall print, extra album pages, a parent album, a DVD slideshow, an engagement album, a baby’s first-year album, and so forth.

    2) Consultation is The Key

    The key to sales in the wedding and portrait industries is the consultation. 

    In this economy, I assure you, business isn’t coming to you. You have to go out and get it. The soft approach—” you call me when you’re ready to make a decision”—no longer works because the market is oversaturated. Who can choose when there are a hundred options? It’s overwhelming for the client. Stand out from the crowd by being memorable.

    When you get an inquiry, the first thing to do is call them back as soon as possible. If you have the good fortune of catching the client at the right time—when they are looking for information—you have a much better chance of setting up an in-person consultation. If you don’t reach them quickly, your competition will.

    You might think email is easier and faster, but in the email, you are just another photographer from an online search. On the phone, you have the opportunity to get to know someone a bit and ask questions about what she is looking for while highlighting the experience you offer. If you don’t have the opportunity to speak with the client on the phone, respond to email inquiries right away. If you can get a jump on other photographers responding, you have a chance to stand out before getting lost in the sea of photographer emails.

    3) Follow Up Plan

    In order to make the most of your opportunities, have a follow-up plan. It is critical to getting more bookings; there is no way around it. Develop a system of following up with clients and track each lead and inquiry that comes in so you know when to throw in the towel and when to hang in there.

    4) Referral

    Client referrals are awesome. Every business loves them because they are more likely to turn into paying customers. To take full advantage of happy clients, create referral cards with their images that clients can give away. Another way to develop a referral base is to offer some type of incentive for referrals, such as a credit or a free session. Not only does this provide clients a good incentive to send referrals to you, but it also helps you to schedule repeat business with the referring client.

    5) Sharing in Communities

    You can share your wedding portfolio in Facebook groups in order to get some traction. But, you would find that the majority of audience includes photographers, however; there are chances that your potential clients will see your portfolio and comment on your portfolio to connect with you. So, regularly share your best work in Facebook and telegram communities. 

    6) Add Portfolio On Your Website

    As a working photographer, you will need to charge for your services, but when you are starting out and looking for an experience you should consider the benefits to gaining the experience and building your portfolio more than the pay.

    You can send an email to photographers in your area, inviting them to look at your portfolio

    Your website is a great place to show your portfolio. So, consider adding a portfolio on your homepage. 

    6- Portfolio on website

    7) Album Samples

    It’s important to have a few sample albums to show clients exactly what they will be getting. Most album companies offer discounts on sample albums, and they often will help you select popular cover choices. People need to touch and feel the pages and see the quality of the album.

    8) Foam Boards

    If you plan to sell large prints, a handy sales tool to have during meetings are black foam core mats in each print size you sell. The average client thinks an 8×10 is a large print, but when you hold that up above a sofa compared with a 20×30, it’s easy to see the difference.

    9) Cross Promotion (One Of The Best Idea To Get More Clients)

    Find businesses targeting the same clients you are, but for other products or services. Wedding photographers should network and build relationships with venues, planners, florists, caterers, and other industry professionals.

    For example, you can partner up with a local clothes store to give 20% off on select wedding clothes if they hire you as their photographer. Or, simply 20% off on select wedding clothes and mention “Sponsored by XYZ Wedding Photographer in California” – add some contact details in there and bam – you get exposure to your ideal clients.

    9-partnership with wedding stores

    10) In-Person Sales

    In-person sales enable you to show clients how their images will look printed and finished. You can walk them through the entire process— picking out the best images for various products, increasing your sales, and ending up with happier clients.

    11) Make it an experience

    When it comes to a successful in-person sales meeting, Use a projector if possible, offer refreshments and make it a fun experience.

    12) Accept all types of payments

    Always accept all type of payment modes like cash, debit card, Paytm, Paypal, Google pay. To avoid payment delay issue, it is highly recommended. 

    13) Treat Your Clients Like A Pro

    Make sure the ordering session is fun and full of emotional high points as you present proofs and product suggestions based on the information you gathered at the planning session. Be prepared to offer a payment plan and collect a deposit before the ordering session ends.

    Once the session is over, future sales are less likely to happen as the emotional high wears off, so it is important to create the sales environment and have the sales tools that will ensure a fantastic sale on the spot.

    14) Offer Bonus

    Offer digital files as a bonus for any images included in the order, or offer them at a reduced rate once a minimum order has been met.

    15) Advanced Seasonal Promotion

    Plan a promotion a few months before a seasonal holiday. Offer a discount to those who sign up early for holiday photos. For example, you can book the sitting for your regular fee but offer 25% off the cards.

    16) Adding a New Service or Product Line

    Adding a new service or product The line offers some great benefits; it’s a way to stay creatively challenged, it can bring new life to a stalled business, and it’s a way to diversify your income streams.

    To understand this better, I am giving you an example of my friend Rahul. He has established a great reputation as a fine art wedding photographer in Bengaluru. He has remained current through several decades by continually sharpening his artistic vision and staying creatively engaged. He recently expanded his business to include wedding cinematography. You can consider it as the best way to increase your wedding photography bookings.

    17) Match Your Marketing to Your Audience and Style (Best Strategy For Getting More Wedding Photography Leads)

    Many times photographers starting to go pro try to be everything to everyone, and in doing so don’t really reach anyone. You’ll book more clients and be able to charge higher rates by specializing in a certain type of photography.

    For example, if you want to shoot destination weddings, You need to show images that showcase beach locales and smaller, intimate ceremonies. The bride and groom want to see themselves transported to that location. Showing a hotel ballroom and a standard church setting isn’t going to cut it.

    18) Mini Books

    You can create small books that customers can easily take with them to show off their images. Portrait and wedding clients especially love these.

    19) Scarcity Strategy

    To increase photoshoot, sales or bookings, I consider offering a booking special that is time-limited. This can be effective for price-conscious clients. It gives clients a reason to make a decision.

    19-Scarcity strategy

    20) Match Your Branding Style To Wedding Niche

    I recommend finding things about yourself and the personality that clients can relate to. If your focus is on your kids, but your niche is weddings and your clientele typically don’t have children, it may not be a good idea to blog all those cute photos of your kids. That’s not to say you should hide who you are, it’s simply about finding ways to connect with people.

    21) Brides Idea

    Send copies to the bride, the planner, the designer, and the venue. They are going to be thrilled and will, in turn, show the piece to as many brides as possible, and of course, be talking about you (marketing your company for you) to brides. And not just in a perfunctory “here’s the name of a photographer” way, but in a giggly, breathless way that is pure excitement.

    If you do this, In the minds of brides, your brand is now associated with excitement, coolness, and most importantly, exclusiveness.

    22) Networking

    Take your time and get to know people—show you are interested in them. When you go to networking events, the goal is to make new contacts. This usually means walking right up to strangers and introducing yourself or asking friends for introductions. It’s that hard, and it’s that easy.

    After an event is over, it is important to follow up. Hopefully, you met several people in your industry.

    Networking is a great tool to grow your business if used correctly. If you are shy and can’t bring yourself to talk to people at events, networking might not work for you.

    23) Bridal Fair Tips

    Bridal Fair is a great way to build traction around your brand.  Have your best marketing materials ready. Make sure your brochure stands out and isn’t just a photocopied price sheet. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

    During bridal shows, there is usually a fashion show or a period when the expo is slow. Use this downtime to network with vendors, and even other photographers. Set up your booth early so you can walk around and meet with other vendors.

    23-bridal fair

    24) Word Of Mouth

    To build a solid word of mouth system of business, let your clients know through repeated messages how much you appreciate their referrals. When you say things like, “my business is based on referrals from happy clients,” and, “the greatest compliment you can give me is a referral,” you are letting your clients know what you would like them to do that for you.

    25) Get Listed On Wedding Vendor Websites

    Make sure to list your business on wedding vendor listing websites. There are clients who get their plan ready on wedding vendor websites, if they need photographers from the same site, there are chances they would select you as a photographer in addition. 

    For example, here’s the wedding vendors ecosystem:

    25- Wedding Vendors Ecosystem

    26) Publicity and Media

    Getting press and publicity is something that eludes many photographers. It’s actually not as difficult as it seems; the secret is in knowing that publicity and media typically don’t come to you, you have to go to them.

    If you have recently received an award or honour, that might be interesting to a small community media outlet.

    One of the best ways to get media coverage is to build relationships with the media. Start by building a list of media in your area that is focused on your niche. When you have newsworthy events or story angles, contact them with a few sentences, and if they are interested they will let you know. Be genuine and helpful, and when they need an expert in your field, they may call you.

    27) Targeted Mailings

    This is a cool idea to get referrals. What you need to do is to put together a small brochure mailing to local wedding vendors such as planners, caterers, facilities coordinators, and florists around Valentine’s Day. Include a note talking about all the

    couples getting engaged around this time, and how we’d love to work with them

    (the vendor).

    28) Print Advertising

    Print advertising is typically expensive and more of a long-term campaign to create brand recognition instead of a quick way to get your phone ringing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a single magazine ad will get you lots of new business. Most likely it won’t (ask any established photographer). Placing monthly or quarterly ads over a period of one to two years will start to build brand recognition as long as you use the same ad each time.

    29) Brochure And Postcards

    A postcard is great for making a strong visual impact with an image or two, whereas a brochure can share more information about your services along with some images. It all depends on the purpose and type of information you want to convey.

    30) Install a calendar on your website (Innovative Way To Get More Bookings For Wedding Photography)

    It’s a great way to convert your website visitors into customers. When you install a calendar on your website, you are letting clients book according to their requirements and time.

    30-calendly for photographer to book more clients

    Install a calendar on your contact page or end section on the homepage. It’s a new and engaging way to get qualified & easy convertible leads.

    I prefer calendly and HubSpot calendar tools to set up on the website. 

    30 Ideas Completed On How To Increase Your Wedding Photography Bookings

    31) Install A Live Chat On Your Website

    Installing an automated live chatbot would help you qualify the leads in an engaging way. With the chatbot, you can collect the leads even when you are sleeping. It saves time, money, and manpower easily.

    Try this on your website to qualify the leads.

    32) Share Your Recent Shoots In A Form Of Case Studies In Your Blog

    When people start knowing about your work through case studies, they will start contacting you. It’s a great way to build engagement towards your word in a very natural way.

    Case studies show your work in an engaging and positive way which ultimately help you increase your bookings.

    32- Case studies to build trust

    33) Connect Your Blog To The Main Website

    To get the most SEO benefit to your website from blogging, connect your blog to your website. The address should be www.yourwebsitename.com/ blog. Google favours updated content, and is, therefore, more likely to send search traffic to your blog instead of your website.

    Once your website starts getting organic traffic, the chances of conversions will be almost double. Hence, your sales will increase through organic traffic.

    34) Create Excitement For Your Clients/ Followers

    Use social media to offer specials and giveaways that will keep your clients excited about following your business.

    35) Interact On Social Media

    Social media is meant to be fun and social. Don’t just post updates, but take time to chat with people, respond to comments, ask questions, and generally engage in conversation.

    For example, Use Pinterest to share ideas with prospective clients. If a bride mentioned she is planning a barn- themed wedding, why not put a board together with your images to give her ideas? Besides showing her your photography skills, you are also showcasing your ability to listen and go above and beyond in terms of customer service.

    36) Contest And Giveaways

    Build buzz on your blog or Facebook page by having contests. The easiest contest is to give away something that your followers would love to have. The idea is to generate buzz about your company and products, not just the prize.

    36-Contest and giveaways

    For example, consider offering a deal to everyone who follows you as an incentive. It could be something as simple as offering a discount to all the fans after you reach a certain threshold. For example, you could offer a 5% discount on portrait session when you reach 1,000 followers.

    37) Getting Published

    Getting published is a tremendous accomplishment for many photographers.

    The benefits of getting published don’t come automatically; use the publication as a tool to get more publicity and status. This marketing strategy is particularly effective for wedding and fashion photographers. Other niches may not benefit from this strategy. Getting published can offer the following: 

    • Greater exposure to more brides/clients
    • Exposure to wedding industry vendors
    • Higher perceived value from brides and industry vendors
    • More desirability to a high-end bride wanting her wedding published
    • A more reputable studio in the eyes of key players in your industry

    Consider it as the best way to get more wedding photography clients.

    38) Frame The Piece of Publication

    Framing the piece and hanging it in your office or studio lets clients see it without you having to point it out.

    39) Great Quote

    Place a great quote on the homepage of your website. Pairing it with an image from the client is even stronger.

    40) Sample Albums Strategy

    Sample albums are an effective part of our marketing strategy. You can create these for your best weddings and vendors we would like to give you more referrals. One album should be designed for the vendor team, with all the details that highlight the vendors worked into the design.

    Over time, you will find certain relationships blossom, resulting in many new bookings for you.

    41) Improve Local Search Presence

    Improve your local search presence by targeting micro local keywords. Micro local keywords method is a great way to build a strong local search presence. 

    For example, you can target wedding photographers in the area name, London. By regularly updating the content, you will give positive signals to Google maps and yelp to rank your listing on top. 

    Here are more examples:

    41- Local Micro Keywords To Increase photography client base

    42) Record Your Own Story and Post on Social Media

    It’s one of the interesting ways to build trust for your wedding business. Record a whole video of yourself and share your story about how you started in wedding photography and how many clients you served till the date.

    43) Start Uploading Your Photos on 500px and Flickr

    Upload your portfolio on websites like 500px and Flickr. These websites are specially made for creative professionals who can share their work. You will get a good amount of traction on these sites. And once you started getting awareness, you will get pay off for your work. 

    44) Record and Upload the Whole Process

    This is an interesting idea to build trust around your brand. Record the whole practical process of how your photoshoots work in weddings. Create a video on how you create memorable pictures for your clients.

    From client meeting to the delivery date, record the process, cut into pieces of videos and edit.

    After that, upload the video on youtube and social media networks, start running ads in your area. People in your area will start knowing you and will get impressed by your work. Whenever they will need a wedding photographer, a brand recall value would be generated in their minds and hopefully, they will call you for wedding shoots. 

    Would you like to see an example? check out this video: 

    45) Make A Good Relationship With The Venue Owners To Get Referrals

    While shooting weddings, take some time for yourself and find out the venue owner or main venue management person. Start taking photos of the venue owner and make a good relationship with him/her. Give your card to them and tell them to refer you whenever there will be any wedding at the venue. 

    46) Get Featured On Wedding And Photography Blogs

    There are millions of blogs out there that feature photographers in their blog. Send blogs to those sites as a guest post. Get featured on the blogs and promote it where your clients can see it. 

    It’s a great way to showcase your skills and work in front of a new audience.

    47) 5X Give Value To Your Clients Then 1X Ask To Buy From You. (Interesting Formula To Get More Orders)

    Do you know this famous formula?

    5X give value to your clients then 1X ask to buy from you.

    It means giving valuable content to your target audience to get them to know you. Your first motive around your brand is to engage with your audience. Give them valuable and helpful content on social media that can add value to their life.

    Don’t always sell your services on social media, start creating interesting and helpful posts for your target audience.

    Set yourself up as the expert and impart knowledge and helpful tips.

    For example, as a wedding photographer, you can create content like:

    • How to make your wedding day memorable?
    • Wedding poses that will make your wedding memorable.
    • How to smile for photographs in the wedding?

    And many more ideas…!

    48) Follow Up For Brides!

    This is a great way to really attract the brides that you really want to work with and that will most likely hire you. 

    After the images are delivered, start an email chain that asks for reviews and referrals. It can be a 3-5 email chain spaced out over a two month period.

    49) Upsell Hack

    After the initial purchase, send them an email chain with a percentage off sales code and then feature other easy but unique upsales like a standout print or canvas. This is great for a mother of the bride who was just thinking about a few prints for her scrapbook, and didn’t realize that you could order more products besides just prints. Curate what you offer and automate it as much as possible.

    50) Start Using Studio Management Software

    To automate your workflow, you should start using studio management software to simplify your work, process, activities. 

    Manage your marketing, business growth activities, finance, accounts, client meetings at one place in your studio management software. It helps to save more time, money and energy that you can utilise in some other work to grow your business. 

    I personally prefer tools like Hubspot and Shootq. You can find more tools in this list

    50-studio management software

    51) Start Posting Free Ads on Craigslist

    Many photographers found success in posting ads on Craigslist. You can start posting ads about your services in your area on Craigslist. Just start experimenting with new things in ads to increase your photoshoot sales. 

    52) Start Sharing Your Work in Facebook Photography Groups

    Start finding some wedding photography groups on Facebook and join those groups. After you become a member of the group, start sharing your portfolio out there to get some traction around your brand.

    I can understand that the majority of the audience in a group would-be photographers, but once you start getting traction in those groups, there are chances someone will contact you directly from the group. 

    53) Use Location-Based Hashtags On Instagram

    To understand the location hashtag strategy, Let’s take an example: Suppose if you are a London based photographer and you are posting your work on social media. At the end of the post content, add these type of tags: #Londonweddingshoot #londonphotographer #ukphotographer #londonwedding. 

    Got my point? Let’s go to the next point. 

    54) Convince Your Client To Share Their Photographs On Facebook And Use Credits Text

    When your client shares your clicked photos with credits (Your Studio Name). It helps to get brand exposure to your client’s friends. Probably, your client’s friends come under the same age segment. 

    There are high chances your client’s friends will hire you sooner whenever they need. It’s kinda free marketing that helps to increase your brand presence by a trusted and natural way. 

    55) Share A Wedding Guide On Your Blog

    Write & publish a complete guide on “how to make a wedding memorable or brides poses for a great picture”. Publish the complete guide on the website and at the top & bottom of the post, attach a form to download the pdf. Take emails from the visitors and start mailing them that contains wedding photography offers. 

    56) Package Idea When Delivering Photos

    How do you deliver your work to clients? If you’re delivering your work normally in a USB drive and album then that’s not enough.

    You got to understand the “customer WOW moment” for your work. When you deliver your work with a funky branded gift box, it creates a wow moment in the customer’s mind. 

    Encourage your customer to record the unboxing video and share on their social media accounts. It ultimately helps you to build your brand value in front of the customer’s friends. This is one of the best ways to get more repeatable wedding photography clients.

    57) Start Collecting Video Testimonials

    Convince your customers to record a video testimonial for your work. In the video, tell your customers to share their wedding photoshoot experience and how did you handle wedding photoshoot work from start to end. 

    Share video testimonials on your website and with your new prospects. Video testimonials will persuade your new prospect or visitor to make a quick decision on booking of your service. 

    58) Automate Your Social Media

    Automate your social media to save your time & efforts. You should always maintain your social media posts regularly and schedule posts in advance. 

    This will help you to maintain engagement on your social media accounts and hence posts impressions and engagements will be increased to generate business for you. 

    59) Start Your Wedding Photography Teaching Classes Online on Youtube

    If you are a professional photographer with more than 5 years of experience, a great idea is to start your coaching classes online. Teach your potential students about wedding photography tips, tricks and techniques.

    Record and publish some videos on youtube for free to generate a brand value for yourself. More people start knowing about you, there will be more chances of getting business.  

    60) Go Regularly Live On Facebook And Instagram

    Going live on Facebook and Instagram is an awesome way to build a memorable engagement with your followers and fans. 

    Your continuous existence on social media will help you build trust with your fans and followers. When your friends of friends will start knowing about you through live videos, there will be high chances of conversions. 

    Whenever your followers need photographers for their weddings, they may contact you through your social media page.

    60 Ideas Completed On How To Get More Clients For Wedding Photography Business

    61) Tag Clients On Social Media

    Whenever you post an image on your social media pages, make sure to tag your client. Tagging your clients in posts helps build a good relationship with your client. Once a client views, like, engage and comment on the post, your post reach will increase to the clients’ friends audience. 

    It will generate a brand presence in front of your client’s friends. Tagging clients is a natural way to increase your reach and promote your brand.

    62) Play Game With Customer Psychology

    Customers love discounts, offers, deals, and cashbacks. If you really want to sell your services faster and smoothly, you should have a basic understanding of how to play with the customer’s mind. 

    Your goal should be not to let customers rethink before buying your service. Try offering discounts, coupon codes to buy your services quickly.

    You should also offer complimentary gifts like printed t-shirts, cups, pens, gift boxes. It may cost you in starting, however, it will help you build a long term relationship with customers that will ultimately bring you repurchase in future.

    63) The webinar Method (A Great Way To Find More Clients For Your Wedding Photography Business)

    The webinar is an innovative way to connect with your potential audience easily so you can get their full attention in your webinar. 

    Most people often skip the ads and scroll down to the next post, but once people join your webinar, they will give you full attention. 

    Collab with wedding planners and run ads on social media. Select topics on “how to make a perfect wedding day” or “best posts for bridal and groom”. Target your audience who is soon gonna marry.

    Give meaningful & valuable content to your audience in the webinar. Create engagements by raising hand button from time to time. At the end of the webinar, offer your services and make sales. 

    64) Always Narrow Your Audience on Facebook Ads 

    I consider not to target a broad audience on Facebook ads. You should always narrow your audience to get quality results coming to you. For example, Let’s add the following:

    • Engaged (Relationship Status) 
    • Newly engaged 1 year (Demographics)
    • Newly-engaged 6 months (Demographics)
    • Newly engaged 3 months (Demographics)

    Select age between 22-39.

    Narrow your audience more by selecting the topics section. Add these topics to narrow your audience: 

    Bachelorette party, Bride, Brides (magazine), Bridesmaid, Bridal Party, Bachelor party, Wedding cake, Wedding dress, Wedding invitation, Wedding Photography, Wedding planner, Wedding reception, Wedding ring, Wedding videography, Weddings, Photographer. 

    Got my point? Let’s go to the next point. 

    65) Start Getting Featured in Top 10 Blogs

    You should always look out for the opportunities to get featured under top 10 photographers blogs. In the beginning, start with a local city. For example, “Top photographers in new york city.”

    Gradually increase your local reach to state reach then to country reach. In this way, you will get familiar with your new audience. 

    65-top photographers list

    66) Make a “Best of” folder, And Tag Your Clients

    Organize your Facebook posts into different folders. Why? It will make it easier for clients to look through your work. Make a “best of year” folder in your Facebook page and add only the best wedding photographers in that folder. Tag your client again in those posts. It will make them feel special towards your brand. Repurchase percentage may be increased when you experiment with this idea. 

    67) Stat Drafting Blogs For Vendors

    Your business ecosystem includes wedding vendors. Create a post like top 10 makeup artist, top 10 dj, top 10 wedding planners in a particular city. Publish posts on your blog to get engagement from your vendors. 

    Email the blog to your connected vendors. It will make them feel special and your brand name will frequently get updated in their mind. Whenever they need a wedding photographer for their client, they will probably contact you. 

    It’s kinda B2B2C model that actually works in the wedding industry. 

    68) Kissing Booth Idea

    Set up a beautiful kissing booth for couples in a crowded area of your city. Make sure your brand name should be visible on the kissing booth screen. Offer couples a free photoshoot session on your kissing booth. After the photoshoot gets over, make a relationship with them, add them to your contacts for sending photos. 

    As you start building your brand and get more engagement with this experiment, this will help you to get fresh leads for your business monthly. 

    68-kissing booth

    69) Easy To Book Process

    Add an easy step by step process section on your landing page. It guides the client to book you in an easy way. For example, here’s the screenshot:

    69- Easy Step by step guide to book clients

    70) Catalog Method

    Offer access to two or three curated editors of wedding websites and magazines. They love having a storehouse of unique wedding stock photographs so they can locate the ideal picture for each blog entry they make. Since they connect to your site when they utilize your picture, this method gives a lot of backlinks which is useful for the SEO rankings.

    71) Tagging Strategy

    When you start tagging your post, make sure to tag with full details. For example, tag images with detail category, e.g., shoes, couple, bride, veil, venue, table, rings (after editing the photos). 

    72) Reach Friends Of Client

    One route is to tag your customers in the pictures and request that they share them on their timeline or stories. Along these lines their friends will see the pictures and the commendations they make to their companions are immediate compliments to your work.

    73) Pre Wedding Display Method

    Convince your client for a pre-wedding video shoot. Record and edit the pre-wedding photoshoot. The time when people gather at one place in a wedding, show the pre-wedding video on the projector. 

    At the end of the video, make sure to add your brand logo. So, people can know the editor & business name who recorded and edited the video. In this way, your brand would get lot of attention and reputation. 

    74) Install A Facebook Messenger Bot (Innovative Strategy To Get Photography Leads In An Engaging Way)

    If visitors come to your site and have not found a suitable option to contact you then it’s your duty to give them an option to contact you easily. Facebook messenger bot plays a great role in collecting leads in an engaging way. 

    Setup a messenger bot on your website with tools like chatfuel. Build automated conversions in your chatbot to discuss with your website visitor and take the name, email and phone number of the visitor. 

    It will help you save your time, money and energy so you can channelise your efforts towards the growth of the business. 

    74 Build a messenger chatbot to book more clients

    75) Commenting On Client Photo

    A great way to build engagement and increase your reach is to be online and reply to comments and questions on Facebook. Facebook algorithm appreciates if you comment and reply in other people’s posts and will reward you by sharing your updates with more people. 

    76) Ask for referrals

    There’s no shame in asking for referral. Just make sure your client is satisfied with your work and you love working with your client. So, Don’t forget to ask your client for a referral. 

    To make it easy for you, create your business card so they can share with their friends and relatives.

    77) Follow up with your client after 1 year

    After the wedding, send your client a WhatsApp message or gift to congratulate them on their wedding anniversary. To make your client buy from you again and again, it’s necessary to follow up in a natural way. 

    It helps to increase the repurchase value of your business and it will ultimately help you get regular bookings for your wedding photography business. 

    78) Win An Award

    Some customers will not trust you for their work. To build credibility in front of those customers, awards play a great role to win the trust of potential customers.

    It’s like an excellent promotion way to build your brand’s trust and credibility. It shows that you are experienced and talented in a particular specialized photography. 

    79) Bring Your Camera At The Sales Consultation

    Just bring your camera at the time of sales consultation with your client. Shoot a beautiful picture of your client to show how good you are at photography.

    You not only need to be good at photography, but you also need people to know that you are good at photography. 

    Present your sales pitch in an interesting way and make sure to talk mainly about your client’s requirements and their desires. 

    80) Unexpected Gift After a Week

    Send an unexpected gift to the bride’s mother or father. A beautiful picture of their family in a beautifully crafted box creates a wow moment. 

    To build stronger relationships with your client, these small gifts create a  big wow moment. Try this!

    81) Deliver Before Time And Create A Delightful Surprise

    Do you know this business quote? Under Promise-Over Deliver.

    When it comes to creating an awesome moment for your customer, this works well. Whatever delivery time you give to your customers, make sure to deliver your work before the deadline. 

    It helps to build your long term customer base that will give you regular sales or bookings.  

    82) Save-The-Date Cards

    On the wedding photoshoot day, you can offer the “save the date” cards as a part of the bundle. Make sure to take some photos especially for this purpose. 

    It shows how much you care about your client’s day and it ultimately helps build better relationships with clients.

    83) Extra Always Works

    Your business goal should be the success of your client work. You should always over-deliver your work to create a wow moment. 

    Give your client something extra that they can’t get somewhere else. It could be a custom design, custom album, choice of song, cup for the couples and many more!

    84) Guide Your Clients In A Positive Way

    Some customers don’t understand the importance of quality photos and keeping memories. It’s your duty to guide them better about the importance of keeping their memories well-documented in a tangible way. Show the value of the products as something they can keep for the years to come.

    85) Give Bulk Discounts

    Persuade your customers to purchase more products or services with the ultimate bulk discounts strategy.

    You can give them bulk discounts on the albums, save the date, thank you notes, pre-wedding shoot and many more! Customers love discounts, so it’s totally on to you about how you play with your customer’s mind by giving them discounts, offers, cashback, upsell discounts and many more. 

    86) Build A Network Of Influencers So That You Pop Up All Over The Place

    Build a network of influencers for yourself. One is good, two is better, however a dozen would be a perfect option for you. 

    Discover influencers that supplement each other by working in somewhat various spaces. 

    This permits you to increase the most extreme introduction for your brand. This is additionally perfect in the event that you need the kind of immersion inclusion that guarantees you’re generally at the front line of customer’s psyches.

    87) Promote A Memorable Hashtag That Your Followers Will Get Onboard With

    Promote your brand hashtag or something that exemplifies your business, it could be your unique tagline, your brand motive, goal and much more. 

    The main point here is that you need to be consistent with your 1 hashtag. I saw businesses too often change their hashtags in a week or month. But, my point is to be consistent with your unique hashtag that presents your business or your personal brand. 

    Stick with 1 for at least 6 months – 1 year in order to build brand value. 

    88) The knot and WeddingWire Works

    Many photographers found success working with “The Knot” and “WeddingWire”. These are wedding planning websites offering listings to photographers. List your brand or your name on these websites because your potential audience would find you from these websites.

    88-the knot and wedding wire

    Update your listing regularly, share updates of your business and add your portfolio regularly. It helps to rank profile on the top of the location you are targeting.  Consider it a great way to get more wedding photography clients.

    89) Regularly Post Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories are a great way to showcase your personality which indirectly plays a great role to easy your customer’s decision to hire you. 

    Connect your client with you in your stories so you can build better engagement with your client. 

    Engagement is the key!

    90) Pinterest Board Ideas

    Make boards that are sorted by wedding and event so the bride realizes where to look when she is imagining her big day with you as her photographer. 

    Include your landing page or gallery link in that post, so the bride can easily go through the gallery to see your work to hire you. 

    Last 11 Ideas Remaining On How To Find & Increase Wedding Photoshoots

    91) Add Pin it Button In Your Images And Blogs

    Include the pin it button on your website gallery, images and posts. It can encourage clients to pin your photo to their Pinterest page. 

    It’s a natural way to promote your brand by making some stuff easy for your visitors to perform an action. 

    92) Add Social Share Plugin On Your Website

    Install a social share plugin on your website. Whenever visitor reads your blog, there will be some social sharing buttons includes Facebook share, Instagram share, twitter share and many more. 

    If visitors like your blog, they would click on the button to share on their social media account. 

    I prefer “Add this Plugin on WordPress “to install social sharing buttons. 

    93) Build Relationship With Other Photographers (B2B2C Model)

    You might be wondering about why to build relationships with the competition?

    But, it works great!

    Build relationships with photographers that have similar business as you, and have the same target audience. 

    The B2B2C model works amazing. Your competition could turn into your biggest referral source. Sometimes, other photographers are going to get enquiries on the dates when they are booked. They may refer you for the wedding photography shoot. 

    To get regular bookings and sales, grow together with similar businesses works great. Try this out!

    94) Post-Wedding Hacks

    After the wedding day is over, it is crucial to stay connected with your client on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms. Sending them thank you cards, unexpected gifts to their family, help you build a strong presence on your past client’s minds. 

    It increases your repurchase value as they will remember the experience they had with you as a photographer.

    95) Create A Clear Pricing Page on Website

    Create a landing page that includes your photography packages. It should be clear and simple that showcase your work points and the cost to perform the same. 

    Also, include the “schedule now” or “buy now” button on your package page. It helps you save your time and efforts to explain your packages. 

    96) Create A Unique Brand Message

    In this wedding photography world fully loaded with competitors, how do you stand out from the competition?

    Why should your client hire you instead of other photographers who have the same qualifications and experience like you? 

    To make yourself unique in the market, add an honest story about you on your website. Add some fun facts about you that showcase your personality.

    97) Target Location-Based Micro Keywords

    To outrank the competition, it is crucial to target location-based micro keywords for your business. 

    A simple photographer keyword in a country has a lot of competition and traffic. To play smartly in SEO, target micro and long-tail keywords that are easy to rank. 

    For example, Dorset wedding photographer, Asian wedding photographer, drone videographer in London, photographer for couples in London.

    97- Targeting Micro Keywords to get more wedding photography clients

    98) Start Sharing Your Work On Foliolink, Smugmug, 500px and Flickr. 

    Create an account on platforms like foliolink, smugmug, 500px and flickr. These platforms build only for creative professionals. 

    Start sharing your work on these platforms to build traction around your brand. 

    99) Influencer Post About Featured Photographers

    Try to get featured on influencer posts about top wedding photographers in particular locations.

    Youtube and Instagram algorithms rank these kinds of videos, so if your brand would be included in these videos, you will get traffic and engagement to your website. 

    100) Setup A Subscription System To Let Visitors Subscribe Your Blog

    After a visitor subscribes to your blog, send them some follow up messages to buy your services or products. Would you like to see an example of email templates for sending emails to subscribers?

    Here’s email template for you:

    100-Follow UP Message to subscribers to increase photography bookings

    101) Add Schema FAQ To Add In SERP

    Add schema FAQ in search engine results page. It is an innovative way to clear customer doubts before they click on SERP even Google algorithm also supports schema faq to increase rankings.

    Would you like to see an example of how schema faq looks like? Here’s the screenshot:

    101-Schema faq idea

    Final Words On Getting More Clients For Wedding Photography Business

    To conclude the whole post, Join a local business forum, always carry business cards, shoot editorial work for local a local newspaper or magazine and get your work published (make sure your images are credited), make an appointment with local hoteliers, and show them a portfolio of your work, with a mind to passing on your details to brides, network with local wedding planners, florists, bridal wear shops etc.

    Don’t try all at once. Start implementing the ideas one by one, don’t get stuck into all ideas at one time. 

    It’s all about experimenting with things in your business. To increase your sales and get regular bookings for your wedding photography business, it’s important to experiment with things in your business from time to time. 

    To stand out from the competition, innovation is the key. As competition is man-made, 

    But the unique point will make you stronger in your field.

    I hope you like this post. Appreciate this post by sharing with the wedding photographers you know. I promise to update this post on a regular basis according to the latest trends.

    If you faced confusion while understanding some points, let me know in the comments section.

    Love & Respect

    Gaurav Chatwani

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