How to Create Brand Recall Strategy? In-depth Guide + Practical Examples

by Gaurav Chatwani
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Today I will guide brand recall strategy with some examples and case studies. I can say that this is going to be the most interesting brand recall content on the web.

How to make a repetitive customer? How to influence customer?

The game is all about brand promise. Do you know how to make brand promise taglines for your brand?

Yes or No?

Let’s Make your brand promisable and generate your brand recall value.

First things First!

What is the brand recall Value?

According to Businessdictionary, A qualitative measure of how well a brand name is connected with a product type or class of products by consumers.

What is the brand recall Value?

Whenever new customers come to your store, buy your brand’s product and use the product that they bought from your store.

Suppose your new customer that bought your product’s before never come after his first purchase.

Do you know why he is not coming again? What is the reason that doesn’t make that customer repeatable?

It’s all about brand promise. Inner satisfaction and feeling of proud is important things in the subconscious mind of the customer.

It also depends on how you treat your customers when they visit your brand’s store for the first time. As you know the first impression is the last impression. To add more, you should make a relationship with the customer, you should make them feel comfortable when they are buying a product. The more you take care of your customers, the more are the chances your customer will be the repeatable buyer of the product.

When customers start feeling pride, inner satisfaction, trust, No doubt, feeling of proud then your business will get famous in the market automatically. 

The customers will covert into the Promoters.

Let’s understand Brand Recall Value With The Help Of Some Famous Brands:

MC Donalds

MC Donalds specially deals in burgers. The brand promise of MC Donalds is 

Q: Quality

S: Speedy Service

C: Cleanliness

V: Value For Money

Quality: It means you will get quality food when you choose MC Donalds, it creates trust when it comes to customer complicated physiography.

Speedy Service: MC donalds know the needs, wants and demands of customers. When a customer orders the food, they can’t wait to eat food. MC donalds understand this customer physiography very well so they promise Speedy service.

Cleanliness: Suppose you went to the restaurant with your family and ordered food. You sat on the chair and you feel uncomfortable because of the smell, because of dirt in the restaurant. We humans are most connected with the environment. Our senses note these things first. If your first experience is like this then you are never going to that restaurant again. So, cleanliness is one of the most important factors to generate brand recall value.

Value for Money: Mcdonald’s is doing very well in all aspects but if they keep their price up to the line as a comparison to the competition then there will be a problem. Whether it’s middle-class family, the Mc Donalds is affordable for every type of family, every type of person. By building trust in the brand and make your product also affordable then there is no such thing that can stop to generate recall value.

Now whenever you go to the MCdonalds’s, you can predict things now before buying. So, it creates brand recall value of Mcdonald’s.

Important tip: Don’t make promises that you can’t fulfil.


When you book a hotel from OYO, you are tension free and expect some important services you will get from the hotel. Peoples trust on the OYO listed hotels. 

You can easily trust because you have chosen the right source. This is the thing that generates brand recall value of OYO.

Oyo Brand Trust Strategy

Some things that you will get when you book from OYO:

  • Spotell Linen
  • Television
  • Free Wifi
  • Breakfast
  • Clean Washroom
  • A/C
  • Clean and Good Service
  • Good Customer Service

If your brand promise is strong, easy to predict, solves customer in-depth problems, solve things that make customer tension free and relaxed, satisfies their intent then your brand recall value will be generated.

Important Tip: When the customer’s first experience is bad when using the product or service the customer is never going to use that product/services again.


FedEx is the leading delivery source in the world. The FedEx brand Promise is “Absolutely positively overnight delivery”

It creates delightful surprise in the mind of customer. Anyhow your product will be delivered according to your requirements.

Absolutely positively overnight delivery

This brand promise is hard but fedex is also working hard to fulfil this promise and FedEx is doing really well in the market.

Consistent Identity is the key in this brand recall value generation. Fedex promised and did what they said. Almost 98% of users are happy with Fedex service and it’s also consistent. So, this is how Fedex generated its brand recall value.

Wordings Change Strategy


Google is a prominent search engine online. Today Google has now changed the game. By registering their brand in the customer mind, they created emotional ads which are directly registered in the mind of the consumer.

Google replaced this word:

Search ——> Google

Google replaced this word:
Search ——> Google

Today people say Google when they try to find some things online: Suppose my friend asked me about apple benefits and I don’t know about it clearly. I will say: Google this instead of search this.

So, it also creates brand recall value.

Fogg (India Example)

Personally, I am a fan of Fogg branding strategy. They know the Indian Market well, they know the customer needs, wants and demands very well, they know the customer intention very well, they know the ethnography and physiography of customer very well.

Fogg focuses on daily conversations between peoples. There are some fixed conversations we talk about daily like What’s Going on, how was your day etc etc.

Fogg focuses on “What’s going on” in Hindi “Aur Kya Chal Raha H?” After this, Fogg replaced their brand name by showing ads in some interesting ways and funny ways.

In Hindi: (Aur Kya Chal Raha h) —-> (Fogg Chal Rhaa h)

So, wording change strategy is also a good way to generate brand recall value.

I would like to Give You More Examples

When I think about purchasing online, Amazon will come first into my mind.

When I think about shoes, Nike and Adidas will come first into my mind.

When I think about delivering, Fedex will come first into my mind.

When I think about operating system, Windows will come first into my mind.

When I think about A/c, O’General and Voltas will come first into my mind.

When I think about Pizza, Dominos and Pizza Hut Will come first into my mind.

When I think about Laptop, HP, Dell, Mac will come first into my mind.

So, I hope you like these examples and it will become easy for you to understand about brand recall value.

Amazing Tip

According to Sir Vivek Bindra, Extreme feeling is the seed giving a father to the Recall value.

Yes exactly! There are many ways to include feeling and emotion in the ad to engage with your audience. If you do this in the right way, your brand recall value will be generated.

Something delightful surprise, Emotion personal, Insecurity, Emotional story use in your ad can make your brand recall value.

Process of all about this

  1. Brand Promise: First of all make the brand promise.
  2. Consistent Identity: Make sure you consistently deliver according to your brand promise.
  3. Predictability: After the above two steps, predictability will be registered in the customer mind.
  4. Recall Value: Your brand recall value will be generated after you do all the above things correctly.
  5. Repeatable Customer: If your brand recall value generated then it’s obvious your customer will repeat buy your product.


Creating a brand recall value is just like magic. You just have to think creatively and follow strategies.

Observation of customer problems closely and solves them is the key to generate brand recall value.

Make sure you use Call for Action with Beautiful Jingle that forces the customer to mesmerizing.

Make sure your brand experience generates Predictability.

Words change Strategy is also good, try to follow that too.

In the end, if you are still confused about how to do generate recall value of your brand then try to ask these questions yourself:

  • What do you stand for?
  • What should you be known for?

I hope you like this.

Happy Reading!

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