11 Innovative Ideas For Photographers During Coronavirus

by Gaurav Chatwani
ideas for photographers coronavirus

Due to coronavirus, our photography industry has affected a lot. Many photographers are facing huge loss because of the cancellation bookings, decreased rate, postponed events and many more.

If you are a sports photographer, you may feel the impact of cancelled games.

If you are a wedding photographer, you may feel the impact of postponed weddings.

And if you are portrait, headshot, family photographer then you may observe decrement in clients due to social distancing and lockdown. 

Every problem has a solution, behind every negative incident, there’s a positive intent hidden.  All we gotta do is to find out that positive intent.

As we are staying home during the lockdown period, this is the time to think differently, this is the time to do something productive instead of wasting time in useless activities.

In this blog, I’ve shared some ideas for photographers to try while staying home during coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, after discussion with the community of professional photographers and marketers, I’ve listed out these ideas.

Let’s start!

11 Open-Minded Ideas For Photographers During Coronavirus

1) Blogging For Better Search Engine Performance

Start blogging on your website to improve search engine performance of your website. The main benefit of blogging regularly is the natural SEO benefits gained from blogging frequently. Blogging has resulted in new clients and many new opportunities, and it’s something that I highly recommend.

For blogging ideas, I recommend this blog that contains hundreds of ideas.

2) Read Books That Will Polish Your Business Skills

In free time, you should start reading some photography business books that will give you open mind thinking and loads of information for running photography business effectively. 

I recommend these books: 

  1. Photography Business Secrets: The Savvy Photographer’s Guide to Sales, Marketing, and More
  2. Commercial Photography Handbook: Business Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers
  3. Fast Track Photographer, Revised and Expanded Edition: Leverage Your Unique Strengths for a More Successful Photography Business

If you are gonna buy these books, it will cost you around $50-55. In order to help you during coronavirus crisis, I have these books saved in my google drive. Check out in screenshot: 

To get these books for free, share your email address so I can send you. 👇

    3) Prepare Your Business Continuity Plan

    How will you run your business after coronavirus end? Make your business continuity plan that could help you to recontinue your business after lockdown. 

    To know more about the continuity plan, I recommend this blog

    4) Update Your Website And Portfolio

    Replace your old portfolio with new ones on the website. Update your website pages content and add some new sections that could help in search engine performance.

    5) SEO Work

    If your website is not SEO optimized, this is the time to optimize your website and start SEO work. Start building backlinks for your website that could help in search engine performance.

    6) Enter In An Online Competition

    Participate in online photography competitions. There are loads of competition for photographers. Check out online photo competitions here. 

    7) Learn New Digital Marketing Techniques

    Learn new digital marketing techniques to implement in your photography business. I would suggest you funnel building, chatbot content, and video marketing. In business, it’s always about experimenting with new things to survive in the market. As you are free during the lockdown period, this is the right time to learn these skills and implement in your business. 

    I recommend these courses to check out: 

    8) Read Biographies Of Famous Photographers

    In my free time, I recommend reading biographies of famous photographers. Why? Biographies let you access the thinking methodology of successful photographers that will ultimately help you grow your business.

    I recommend this list of biographies

    9) Start Investing In The Stock Market

    As the whole world is facing the economic crisis, the stock market and funds are at its lowest point. Keeping the long term vision, this is the right time to invest your money for a better future.

    But, wait! Please don’t take this advice as a piece of professional financial advice. It’s just my suggestion. Take the decision by doing your complete research.

    10) Watch Movies And Web Series On Photography, Business, Entrepreneurship Topics

    Movies are a great way to learn and understand better because the story in movies grabs our focus and attention.

    I would suggest you watch movies on business, entrepreneurship and photography topics. Personally, I recommend these movies to watch out: 

    • Wolf of Wall Street
    • One Hour Photo
    • The Founder
    • The Social Network
    • Closer
    • The Pursuit of Happyness
    • Money Ball
    • Rogue Trader

    For more, This is a great list of movies on photography topic

    11) Create A Course

    If you are an experienced photographer with awards and certifications, I would recommend you to create a course. For instance, just pick 1 kind of photography in which you are specialized and create an advance course. Upload your course on sites like teachable and thinkfic and market to the right audience through social media ads. 

    Final Words

    Use your time wisely in this lockdown period. I hope you liked this blog and will try some ideas.

    I believe that together we can build great content for photographers community. So, I am looking for new ideas from you. Share your ideas in the comment section, I will pick the best ones and will add in the blog.

    Love & Respect!

    Gaurav Chatwani

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