13 Insightful Tips and Techniques To Manage Your Team

by Gaurav Chatwani
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Hi Everyone!

Today, I am going to give your essential tips and techniques that will help you to manage your team further effectively.

By taking care of some things and using useful techniques, you can manage your team for getting the project done faster.

In fact, I also use these tips and techniques to manage my team.

Well, this post is not only for managers but also for team members because every team member has some management roles & responsibilities at their end.

Remove this misconception from your mind: You are a leader, not a manager.

So, let’s start—->

Next Levels Techniques & Suggestions To Manage Your Team Like A Rockstar

#1 Appreciate, improve motivation (Rewards):

The first thing you should do to improve the environment of the office is Appreciation. Appreciate your team members if they are doing good work and getting results for the organization.

If you appreciate and give rewards to hard-working team members, then team members get motivated.

Whether some of your team members are performing or not, but still you should ask them some questions for why they can’t complete the task. Guide them with examples of how to do the job.

If they can’t even perform that task after 1-2 weeks, then try to change the mission and assign new tasks. So, team members get new learning in work.

Look what Robert Townsend says:

“One of the most important tasks of a manager is to eliminate his people’s excuses for failure.”

Robert Townsend

#2 Make a space of competition

If you want your employees to entirely give their 100% work in work, then it is better to make a space or feel of competition in the office.

Award team members who are performing well in front of other team members who are not performing well.

Space of competition

The award ceremony will motivate other team members to perform well.

But the truth is, the motivation for the team members remains temporary. You need to motivate themselves regularly, so they will perform well in tasks.

#3 Guide with examples

If some team members can’t perform well in work, then as a leader, you need to make yourself an example for them.

Do the task in front of your team members and guide that task with examples.

Sometimes team members may be thought that the leader self can’t perform the task, and they want us to deliver the tasks. It will create an illusion in the mind of team members.

Guide Your Team With Examples

The best way to get work is to guide your team members with the example. Look what John C Maxwell says:

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

John C. Maxwell

#4 Remove the misconception of time, motivate them for creativity and quality in the work

Sometimes we as the leader create a time limit for the team members, which is wrong. We should not do this. If we create a time limit on the work like “Hii John, I want this task to be completed in 2 hours,” then it will decrease the quality in work.

You just need to understand the complicated mind of the team member. If the team member thinks that they have limited time to do the task, then they will do the job with low quality.

It means a decrease in quality of work. So, what is the solution to this problem?


Ok, you can say to your team member like this: “hey let’s complete this task as soon as possible because we need to send the work to the client, just take care about the quality, do you want more time? No problem but I need quality in work”. I think this is an excellent way to get quality in work.

#5 Work Environment Funny

Just don’t focus on only work in the full time in office. Make your office environment funny in break time or while discussing with team members.

Fun in office
Source: Giphy

It will help to gain more energy while doing work in the office. Sometimes try to talk with your team members with jokes and funny discussions. So, they will open with you.

#6 Continuously Follow up and communication with your team (Controlling)

Your duty is not only to give task and take report weekly or monthly, but you should also continuously follow up on work and communicate with your team regularly.

If you follow this high weekly style then it will not create a pressure on the team member, but by following the followup technique it will create pressure on team members, and they will think that our team leader is responsive and take care of the work.

Basically, team members lightly depend on the team leader. If you behave unresponsively, then your team members will also do like you.

#7 Figure out skills and the right task for the right person.

You most probably know your team well if you communicate with them properly and discuss with them friendly.

Let’s take an example: Suppose you are the team leader and your boss give your Marketing project, and you need to assign the tasks to the team. Simple!

Assign Right Task to the Right People

You created a funnel and roadmap of the project and will work according to step by step. You decided the first task in marketing project: Market research.

  • Second task: Strategy Creation
  • 3rd Task: Working on Promotion Activities

Now you will assign the tasks according to your team members skills. You know that John will perform market research better as he did a similar kind of work before. Robert is perfect for strategy creation, and other team members will perform promotion activities.

Now how do you know about this?

If you communicate with your team correctly and have a good friendship with your team members. Somehow you will know some team member weakness and their strengths. So, you will assign the tasks accordingly.

In an exciting way, it means

“Don’t say fish to climb the tree when it is the task of monkey.”

#8 Dealing with lazy Workers

There are many types of lazy workers like Vanisher, Procrastinator, Victim, Delegator, and Troublemaker. First of all, you need to find out what kind of team member you have.

Don’t be aggressive and if you put the gun to lazy team members head, could they do it?

Definitely No!

If you say your lazy member: “I need this work today or tomorrow anyhow” then it is not the right way to deal with lazy peoples. I am giving you some tips to deal with this type of Worker in short:

  • Don’t let their work become your responsibility
  • Try to offer training
  • Try to provide them with additional responsibilities
  • Identify the difference Can’t and won’t
  • Find the Main Don who Makes environment lazy
  • Have a one-on-one conversation
  • Ask the Worker to submit reports directly to you.
  • Give the lazy Worker a specific time limit and watch them what they do.
  • Give Lazy Worker direct feedback
  • Try to understand what’s causing the behavior

Now, after you do these all for a month, then check the results and changes in the lazy worker behavior and their working style.

If you find the same behavior as before then-No Problem!

The Last Option is “Boom”

Shoot lazy workers
Source: Giphy

#9 Do you know the things that you can change and the things that you cannot (Have a Clear Understanding)

Now you should have clarification in your mind when you created the project plan, you’ve assigned the tasks to your team members.

You should know about the things that you can change and things you can’t change in the ongoing project.

#10 Flexibility and peaceful mind in Conflicts

This is the story of every office environment: Somehow, conflicts happen in the office.

The main task is to solve the problem or conflict that happens in the office. As a leader, when you first see the problem, try to know the root of the problem, so you understand the situation.

As a leader, You first need to understand the situation and the leading cause for which the conflict happened.

Solve the conflicts with a peaceful mind, solve the conflict with your communication skills. To add more, It all depends on your personality, the word released from your mouth should be convincing and has power.

#11 Don’t provide all the answers — make your Team Members think

As a leader, you will describe all the activities of the project to your team member, and that is ok.

But when your team members start working on the project. There may be many types of questions arises.

The main game is now: You shouldn’t provide all the answers or complete answers to your team members questions. Make your team members think, so it helps them to make more productive and communicative.

If your team members are not asking questions to you, then you should ask some questions. Make sure you read this blog to know 10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Team Every Week.

#12 Make a scorecard

If you have the right amount of team members in your team, then try to make scorecard and check every week.

If you make a scorecard, then it will motivate your team members to do work well. It will create a space for competition. Believe me!

My suggestion while you make scorecard: Don’t let your team members take scorecard lightly.

#13 Transparency (Game of Politics, Feeling of Insecurity)

Like before I said, This is the story of every office. Surviving game of politics is difficult but not impossible.

As our human’s mind is complicated. As you probably don’t want to become a part of politics, but somehow you will be.

Because this game is connected with human emotions. The biggest weakness of many humans is that it is hard to control emotions.

Because of this, it creates a feeling of insecurity in the mind of workers. Many things like promotion, salary, jealous with others salary, communicating with high authority establishes a sense of uncertainty in the brain.

My suggestion on this: Make your office environment and furniture infrastructure transparent. Transparent means open glasses. Anybody can see peoples behind the glasses.

If your office infrastructure has closed doors then somehow it will create a feeling of insecurity in the mind of employees. They will feel like something is cooking, especially for me.

I hope you understand this point if you don’t then comment I will reply to your all comments.

In The end

Now, you read these techniques and tips to manage your team. Make sure you practically apply these in your work. I am not saying you need to apply all, but you can try some.

Practice will make you better. You learned this, you applied this.

Now, what’s next?

Teach this to your favorites so you will never forget these techniques.

I hope you like it! As a token of gratitude, if you share this on your social media, then it will motivate me to work harder on my content….


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