How to manage your team effectively: Step By Step Solution (#7 is Good)

by Gaurav Chatwani
Manage Team Effectively

Hii, how are You?


You finally got promoted from executive position to the manager position. Now your boss will give you a team and projects to manage.

This is the Time where your mind will open towards the real work. In starting, sometimes you will get confused and will lose your attention because of the burden of work, team management, etc. etc.

You might get a bit nervous; this is because you are going to do those things that you’ve never done before.

Managing team is a confusing and challenging task. But what if you follow the simple steps to manage your team effectively. That would be amazing. Right?

At the post of manager, the game is all about finding the actual reality between thinking and doing.

Congratulations 2nd Time!!

But why?

Because you’ve landed your mind at the right place.

Whether you are a skilled manager or fresher manager, this blog is specially made for you.

Let’s start this step by step guide on managing your team effectively like a pro.

Step By Step Solution To Manage Team: —>

  1. Project Research, Plan And strategy
  2. Share Strategy with your team (In Points and checklist with the roadmap)
  3. Make daily and weekly work task sheet for the project
  4. Assign the task roles to the team
  5. Use 125% Formula
  6. Use tools like asana, trello free, Google calendar Free
  7. Make a scoreboard and Appreciate the hard work
  8. Controlling On The project and weekly analysis

Project Research, Plan and strategy

When you get a new project, the first step towards starting the project is to obtain complete details of the project by doing an interview with the client or by reading their business whitepaper.

Now you’ve complete information about the project. Now you need to do the market research, finding the target audience, market analysis, market history analysis, market future prediction analysis, and marketing mix analysis.

Project Research, Plan and strategy

All the above tasks are essential to make a plan, a strategy for the project. Now you have a good bunch of information about the project.

Make a first copy plan, checklist, and strategy to run the project according to the decided milestones.

All of the above tasks are important for managers.


If you don’t know the project self accurately then how can you guide about project to your team?

Good news: Now you are ready to guide the terminated project to your team.

Share Strategy with your team (In Points and checklist with the roadmap)

The next step is to share your first copy created strategy, plan and checklist with your team. Give an overview of the project to your team.

This is an important thing: Now, after giving an overview of the project, ask your team members to share their opinions on the strategy and on the target market.

This is because you created the first copy of plan & strategy. After team members opinions, the project would definitely become good, more improvements.

Share Strategy With Team
Source: Pixabay

Now share this plan to the top superiors of the project and ask them to share their opinions on the strategy.

After three revisions of the plan and strategy, I think the approach is now ready to execute. Don’t live in the misconception that your plan is perfect now.


Every plan needs continuous improvement according to the latest market. So, you need to do monthly analysis on the scenario like:

  • How it is going?
  • Are milestones achieved?
  • Is team progress is matched according to the pre Decided plan?

There are many other types of controlling analysis you need to do while you execute the plan.

Make daily and weekly work task sheet for the project

After plan made and discussed with the team, proceed on to the next steps. Create a daily task sheet for your team to manage activities performed on the project.

In the left bar of the sheet, write down your project activities, and it’s subgoals. In the mid of the layer, fill the tasks quantity and particular information for the job.

You can also create a sidebar checklist (To do list) to manage daily queries.

Good news: I created a sheet for you to manage daily tasks or weekly tasks. Please take a look here:

Team Work Strategy Daily Task Sheet

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Assign the task roles to the team

Next, you need to assign the roles of the particular task to the team.  As you probably know your team potential do perform specific tasks, you can assign the tasks according to their individual potential.

Pro’s Tip: Make a competition space in your work environment.

But how?

Very simple!

There are numerous ways to make a space of competition in the team working environment.

Assign the color to the particular team member. In the daily task sheet, you can make a tab for the team members and define their colors.

Assign Roles

As everyone has probably daily task sheet online, team members can see their other teammates performance. It will help to motivate team members to perform better than his teammates.

For example:


Another way to make competition space in work environment is appreciating and motivating the team member who is performing well in the project as compared to the others. When other team members see this, It will create hype or sense of getting appreciation in their mind.

Use 125% Formula

This formula is specially made by me. Let’s see how this formula works.

When you are making strategy and creating daily tasks sheet for the project, use this formula there.

But how?

When you are creating daily tasks sheet, make one sheet private for you. In the main daily task sheet, show project works 25% more of the exact work.

125% Formula

Actually, team members don’t know how much they can work, how much they have potential to do maximum work.

The just have only fixed psychology fit in their mind to do work. Sometimes when you assign the tasks and check at the end of the week.

You might found 80% work receive instead of 100%. This is because you don’t understand your team members potential and mind methodology properly.

If you use 125% formula, you will get complete 100% work.

For the team, the work is 100% and if they just do only 75% work then No Problem!!!

The work you received will definitely 100% because you use 125% formula.

Try this formula and let me know in the comments what do you think about this.

Use tools like asana, trello, Google calendar

If you don’t want to use sheets and other documents because you might think that it will consume your significant amount of time then

No problem!

There are many tools available online to manage team tasks effectively.

ASANA (Paid Tool)

I personally prefer the Asana tool to manage tasks. This tool has so many features. Read here. If your budget doesn’t allow you to buy this premium tool, then I have also free options for you:

I personally use these free tools to manage my team tasks.

Trello (Free)

Trello is a great tool to manage tasks effectively. I can create jobs, cards, subtasks, sub cards, checklist, status, due date and many more.

I personally use these four types of cards.

To next

Work In Progress



For example, please have a look here:

Google Calendar (Free)

I use this tool to know the tasks according to the dates. I use this to create milestones of the project.

For example, please have a look here:

Make a Performance scoreboard in the office

This is one of the most effective techniques that really work well. When it comes to an understanding of the complicated team member mind, the best way is to make a score performance board in the office.

The employee or team member who is performing well in the project, make sure you appreciate them with the help of the scoreboard.

Make a Performance scoreboard in the office

You need to show future career growth example to the employee. The team member will get motivated when you show them his career growth. It will help to become more transparent of goal in the mind of the employee.

I learned this from Dr Vivek Bindra. He is a master in this management field.

Controlling on the Project and Weekly Analysis (This is Good)

The last step is all about controlling on the tasks. You might think that all management activities are now finished.

A Big No..!!!

If you don’t perform control activity, then believe me: “All In Vein.”

Make sure you check all the activities weekly and half month basis. Daily read new techniques in the market and apply new strategies on the project continuously.

As you probably know, Continuous Improvement is the key!

At the End (Work with Love & Care)

So, this is the step by step guide to managing your team effectively to get your project done faster.

As you know, this is not easy to manage a project with the team. Team members have some complications in their minds while you run the project. The game of politics and feelings of insecurity cause team performance low.

At the End (Work with Love & Care)

Try to make your work environment transparent, politics-free, insecurity mind free.

Somehow surviving politics-free environment is hard but not impossible.

To avoid politics, try to tell yourself this: “How does it matter to me?  Your mind will give you an answer, and you can avoid politics.”

If you have those excellent manager skills who care team member and grab the work from team smartly, then nothing is impossible.

There are lots of small type of work occurs when you are at the post of manager, and it becomes difficult to focus on the pre-decided strategy.

Because of this, sometimes we will feel like mismanage of time. This is on to you, how you manage those small works and back again your mind to work according to the pre-decided strategy.

The one and only solution to pass this are to make your mind peaceful through meditation. Just keep smiling and look relaxed in front of everyone and inside you.

Just follow the above suggestion, and everything will run effectively automatic.

Believe That!


Now it’s Your Turn

Let me know if you have faced any confusion while understanding my thoughts. I will happily reply to your all comments.

Also, let me know in the comments:  how can I improve in my content as I believe in continuous learning and improvement.

In the end, I just want to say. If you think that you learned something new today, then it would be great if you share it on your social media.

Sharing is Caring

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