Marketing & Branding Strategy Of Fogg Deodorants (With In-Depth Research & Analysis)

by Gaurav Chatwani
Marketing and branding strategy of Fogg

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Want to read some interesting market case study of the famous brand? Want to know some valuable marketing ideas to prepare your next brand marketing strategy.

Well, Today I am going to give you the Marketing Case Study of Fogg. I researched a lot on Fogg Company and their branding and marketing tactics.

Personally, I am impressed with the branding strategy of Fogg Company which outrank every leader in Deodorant Industry.

So, Without wasting more time let’s learn something new:

About Fogg Brand

The Fogg brand was launched in 2011 with the concept of No-Gas Deodorants and this concept was attention-grabbing. The Industry of Fogg Brand is FMCG and it is from the Vini Group. Now Fogg is on the leading position in the Deodorant industry.

About Fogg Brand

The Fogg became famous because of its Viral Marketing strategy. Fogg creates hype in the market with their new concept: “No gas perfume” “Kya Chal Raha Hai Campaign” “Aur Kya Chahiye”. All campaigns were. People start saying their campaign lines daily and it becomes famous.

Let’s Dive into the Market Research.

Market Research

When I did the market research, I found some statistics from the latest sources:

Market Research of Fogg

  • Actually, the Deodorant market is becoming famous day by day as compared to previous periods. As per the new report, the market is growing 18-20% every year. The market is expected to touch 8000 Crores in 2019 Market.
  • The main target area is Urban areas and when it comes to age, it is 18-30 Years (Youth Target). As per the new report, Only 16 out of 100 people use deo in the metro cities.
  • The 75% of sales are from the Top 20 Cities From India and The interesting fact is only Delhi has 14% of India sales.
  • As per the new report, the market has already 500 Brands with 990 new Variants.
  • It’s difficult to compete in this market but Fogg did with their game-changing strategy.
  • According to the latest consumer behaviour report, The DEO’s are mainly used by man (Maximum Percentage). The man goes out of work more than women So, Men’s uses DEO more than Women. Bu
  • 40-50% of India Current population is below 25 Years which clearly means that it is easy to target the youth market as the youth market is big in India.

Who are The Competitors of Fogg Brand?

  • Set Wet
  • Axe deodorant
  • Manhunt Deodorant
  • Fuel Deodorant
  • Zatak
  • Park Avenue
  • Nivea
  • Wild Stone
  • Engage

These are the market leaders in the Deodorant industry and it’s difficult to beat them because they are in this field from a very long time. There’s one common thing in every Competitor like they Use the ad Concept similar: “Boy uses deodorant and many girls attract and get close to that boy who uses deodorant” Sometimes it looks cheap and many competitor brands used the same tactic.

Competitors of Fogg

Fogg Understood these things after their competitor research and made a new Concept which is “No gas perfume” and it works great in the market.

Brand Main Target Market

The main target market of the Fogg is the youth market (Maximum Man) (Minimum Women). At the time of starting, Fogg targets both with the separate products.

The man section of Fogg perfume got maximum sales as compared to the women section.

So, It clears the main target market is youth age between (18-28). Fogg created campaigns by involving youths as they understood the market very well.

Target market of Fogg

Nowadays, Fogg is busy in making premium offerings named Fogg Scent which targets both men and women and it is doing great in the market.

The main Brand Taglines of Fogg Deodorant (Promise)

The Fogg Full Form is “Friend of Good Guys” “Friend of God Girls”. The brand   features are:

  • Hundred sprays per single bottle
  • Gas or Liquid
  • No Gas Only Spray
  • Again Finished
  • Without Gas Body Spray
  • Last longer and Doesn’t get blown away like other deodorants.

These are the main lines Fogg used in their campaigns and the most important thing about it “Catchy” “Interesting” “Attention Grabbing” “Unique Features” “Directly Registered in the Customer’s Mind.”

Brand Recall Value Generation Strategy (Game-Changing Strategy)

This is the game-changing strategy where Fogg brand focused a lot. They focused on daily conversations of India’s youth.

When people start mesmerizing the lines the brand automatically famous overnight. They choose these conversations:

What’s Going on?             ————> (Aur Kya Chal Raha Hai)

What else do you need?   ————> (Aur Kya Chahiye)

In India, these are the most used daily conversations words. A single person ask these questions to their friends & known (What’s Going on?). After these lines Fogg used their brand name like this:

Aur Kya Chal Raha Hai  —————–> Fogg Chal raha hai

So, this is a funny and interesting way to promote the brand. Now in India, someone who says “Aur Kya Chal Raha hai” other people will reply “Fogg Chal Raha hai”

Nowadays, Fogg ran one more interesting ad campaign which is “What else do you need?”

In the Ad Script,

  1. Customers come to the store and ask for deodorant. 
  2. The salesman showed Fogg Perfume.
  3.  The customer asks why this perfume?
  4.   The Salesman starts saying the benefits of Fogg Deodorant. 
  5. When the salesman starts saying benefits, a customer asks for more benefits, more, so on and so on.
  6. Then salesman says “What else do you need?”

So, this is also a good daily conversations focused strategy which helps to get viral in the market.

Unique Idea Of Fogg That Helps to Outrank The Other Market Leaders Like Axe

Unlike other competitors, they don’t use Girls in their ads. The unique point is they focused on daily conversations based lines and product features like “Long lasting and no Gas perfume”

The concept is unique and no one in the market followed the same before. In the video scripts, firstly they focus on attention-grabbing lines then they show their product features like “more quantity, low cost, and best value”. It helps the Fogg brand directly registered in the customer Mind.

You might have one question: How they made this Unique concept?

Because they first focused on consumer behaviour and target market. They analyzed customer geography and ethnography first. After analysis, creative and funny idea automatically generates. After analysis, Fogg brand knows their motive to run ads and they know their target audience and especially consumer behavior.

Fogg Focused on Consumer Behaviour Research First

Unique Points That Makes Fogg Famous

  • Communication With Youth Is Amazing Through Videos
  • Conversations Focused on Strategy
    “No Gas Perfume” Unique Tagline Strategy
  • product prices reasonable and affordable
  • Product Quality is Up to mark.
  • The Launched Product price is 15% costlier than the competition. 
  • Unlike other competitors, They did not talk about attracting women. They went meaningful and functional.
  • Value for Money (It creates   Environment of Brand in the market)
  • Hundred sprays per single bottle (This is a unique feature and attention-grabbing)

<<< Tip For You >>>

If you Copy the Leader of Market Then you Will never Become The Leader of Market

Products Available Retailer Distribution Channel

First of all, Fogg built a good distribution network. They made their deodorants available at each and every small retail shop both in Urban and rural areas. Fogg focused more on Urban areas as Rural areas people less use perfume as compared to Urban area audience.

Fogg Products were available in 5 lakh outlets by 2013 end. The distribution strategy is very fast.

The most interesting thing about distribution: Fogg was lucky as it has 75% of the market in the top 20 cities of India. Delhi contributes 14% of the Market.

<<< Tip For You >>>

You did everything correctly according to the above strategies but if you don’t have a Good Distribution network, you can’t grow in the market.

“No brand can grow without good distribution”

Marketing Channels

When Fogg starts promotion they focused on TV ads and they know that “in order to register in the customer mind, so it is essential to show ads 20 times to 1 user.” They connected with many Tv channels and starts showing their ads in high frequency.

The marketing channels of Fogg are the following:

  • Youtube Ads
  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing
  • Tv Ads
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Electronic
  • Visual Media
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Billboards
  • Television
  • Radio

<<< Tip For You >>>

It does not matter if you focused a lot on paid marketing or investing big amounts in paid. When your message through video has power, interesting way, funny way to engage with the audience then you are not required to invest a lot in paid channels. Your brand will automatically viral with the help of Organic Branding. 

Fogg Achievements

  • Fogg Has 18% of Value Share of the Market.
  • Engage with 8% Value share on The second position
  • Axe is now not in the Top 3 Positions.
  • Market Size 2000 Crores (Approx)
  • In 2012/13 Fogg was awarded as a Rising Star by Power brands.
  • Fogg Was Rs 360 Crore Brand.
  • 75% of the Market is From Top 20 Cities of India
  • Fogg Was involved in the Pitch Magazine in the section of Marketing Excellence.

There are many more achievements in Fogg. Fogg will achieve new heights in the industry as This brand is innovative and creative.

Source of Market Research, Achievements data: I read this above data from many sources like News reports, Business Standard, ET, and Hindu Business Line. Just search Fogg Deo in Google news and you can read awesome articles on brand. As I read data from many websites, it is not possible to add all various sources here but I mixed all here to give you valuable insights on next-level marketing & Branding strategy.


So, this was the Marketing & Branding strategy of Fogg Company. I hope you get valuable insights from it and learned something new today.

So, the moral of this story is

You should Decide your product later

You should decide your Product price Later

You should Decide Promotion Schemes Later

First, You should analyze the consumer behavior and find a way to influence them then create innovative Unique, interesting, funny, emotional ads with unique product features.

<<< Last Tip Of The Day >>>

Planning can be made by anyone, ideas can be generated by anyone but when it’s time for execution, only few Companies stands out and Fogg Stands OUT and became the leader of this industry.

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