Marketing Ideas for Restaurant That Will Help Your Restaurant Become Famous in The Market

by Gaurav Chatwani
Marketing Ideas For Restaurant

Hello Restaurant Owner, Marketer or Maybe Manager!

So, you are looking for marketing ideas for your restaurant business, right? You may read many blogs and watched many videos on this topic but this content is going to be super valuable. 

Surprise! You’ve landed your mind at the right place. I assure you that you will get informative, meaningful and valuable ideas to grow your restaurant business.

By following my marketing ideas, you will know how the market works, how the customer thinks when visiting restaurants and many more things.

So, are you ready? Let’s think creatively!

1 Word Of Mouth Marketing (Magic Strategy)

This is a magic strategy. Yes, you heard it right. This strategy works like magic when it comes to the market restaurant.

However, you still thinking about the program. No, it’s not a program. This is a natural way to promote business.

Let’s understand it practically. 

Suppose I am the restaurant marketer and I daily do posting on social media about restaurant offers. I meet you personally for the first time and I suggest you for a restaurant with an offer.

As I meet with you for the first time, so will you be influenced by me?

A Big No!

You are not going to be influenced by me, the higher chances are you are not going to that restaurant that I suggested to you. The same thing happens, when I post on social media, basically I reach a new audience and the new audience will not be going to be influenced by me.

This is a matter of trust, long term relationship, long term communication, and whatever you say. If your known friend, family member, girlfriend will suggest you a restaurant, you are going to be influenced by them.

Do you know why? As I said, it is a matter of trust and relationship. For you, your friends, family members talk has value. That’s why you can get easily influenced.

In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from other people over branded content.

Let’s understand with an example: If your restaurant represents some unique things that can easily register in the mind of the customer The higher chances are, your customer will automatically refer your brand also known as the organic branding.

This is an example of In-N-Out Secret Menu who practised Word of mouth strategy.

The In-N-Out Secret Menu: Word-of-Mouth Marketing, Animal Style

Secret Menu Technique Practiced By IN and out burger.

word-of-mouth marketing

The brands who got massive awareness and became the talk of the town was not a coincidence. All things would be definitely well planned-thought out, step by step strategy to get that level of awareness.

Let’s understand it mathematically:

Prediction: Suppose if your 50 customers tell their 50 friends and you get 20 customers from the friends word of mouth and from the new 20 customers, 10 customers would become your permanent. The 10 permanent customers will bring more than 10 customers and so on.

50 —> 50 —> 20 —-> 10 —> 5

2) Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is also the best. With the help of referral marketing, you can get more new customers. It’s on to you how you will make those new customers permanent.

Normal Plan: Whenever customer finished the dining, you can ask your customer to give a review on your listing. You can offer them an instant coupon if the customer gets new customers for you. In fact, this technique works well because the customer would probably seek for a coupon for next time visit.

Have a look at this example for better understanding:

new referral marketing idea

Let’s understand it with daily Conversation.

Friend: Where you were yesterday?

Me: I went to the restaurant name…. really amazing experience, good customer service. Even the unique point was next level. I will go there again. Best For Family.

If you want your customer automatically recommend their friends, then your restaurant should have some unique points. Well, I have found these unique ideas:

  1. Secret Menu Idea That I discussed in the word of mouth Point.
  2. I know a restaurant named “Jaipur Jungle” where you will find some rabbits playing in the downside of the table. We, humans, are emotionally connected with the environment. This is a unique point of the restaurant and this thing is registered in my mind when it comes to uniqueness.

Actually, there are many unique ideas out there in the market, you will get valuable insights from this blog as this blog discusses the unique restaurant ideas.

3) Offers & Coupons

I have some unique offers & Coupon ideas for you. Basically, offers and coupons work to get the attention of the new and existing customers. It also helps to increase customer loyalty.

Examples of Offers & Coupons:

For offers and coupons, Target Days should be Saturday And Sunday. However, it can be Monday to Friday, but Saturday and Sunday are best. Most people probably go out for dining on Saturday and Sunday,

You can make offers like this: 

Season based offers

Season based restaurant offer

Day based offers

Sunday example offer restaurant

Happy hours offer

Happys hours offers restaurant

You can also use online coupon sites to list your offer on their website.

Dineout and Zomato both are the best examples. 

Through offers, how your customer can reach you? For example, I live in Jaipur, and I am looking to dine out with my family. I am looking for some offers.

I google restaurant offers in Jaipur and I found these sites:

sites to list your restaurant idea

You can also search from your location, you will probably find some sites who listed some restaurant offers and coupons.

What should be your goal? Your restaurant should be available in the above-mentioned locations:

Google Maps Proper Strategy

This is the primary thing you should do for your restaurant when you start. Google maps listing is required for the restaurant.

This should be your first goal when you start marketing of your restaurant. 

  • There should be a good amount of reviews and ratings
  • There should be faqs.
  • There should be categorized Photos section.
  • If possible, then 360 Degree photo is also advisable.
  • Reserve A Table Button (Call to action)

Call To Action

Call to action in google maps


Call to action in google maps

Categorized Photo Section

Categorized photo marketing idea for restaurant

Good Amount of Reviews in order to Get Rank

Reviews in google map listing


There are many other websites online who provides listing for especially restaurant and hotels, make sure you check out the blog to know more: 

Influencer Marketing With Food Bloggers

This technique works well. You can get foreigners, customers if you are famous in that particular local market.

How can you get more targeted awareness? Yes, It is possible with influencer marketing. Thanks to my research, I found some good examples to get started.

No problem, if your influencing skills are weak, you are not able to influence new customers. Here influencer marketing comes. Actually, the influencer who did the hard work in the food industry and made their audience are workable. 

Every word comes out from the mouth of influencer have value to their targeted audience. So, if any influencer near your local market even online could tell about your restaurant in a relevant way then it would be very great.

Influencer marketing stats

Try influencers and the bloggers of your country market. Let’s understand it with examples:

Instagram Example

Food influencer marketing idea

Youtube Example

Youtube influencer marketing idea

Your restaurant can get more awareness in the local market as well as global market. Your restaurant will become the talk of the town when it comes to dining.

Make a separate space for Events, engagements parties.

If your restaurant space coverage is big, then you should maintain some space for events, engagements. If you target this type of audience, you will probably get business for the long term as well as high profit.

The people near your market will refer you for events and parties. 

Event party space for restaurant

The people who come to your restaurant party time can also come next time with their personal friends and family.

If your service and quality of the food are excellent, you will definitely get the same customers again and again hence it improves your customer retention value.

Festival Mindset Ideas

Yes, this is also a great way to market restaurant at the time of festivals. In festival season, people are more likely to eat outside in the restaurant. Make sure you make your festival based offers and coupons for your new and existing customers.

Have a look at some examples:


Christmas day offer example

New Year

Example of Festival offer restaurant


Festival offer restaurnant example

Tip For Indian Restaurant

Especially, we have a lot of fast events in different religions. Especially the women take fasts, so try to offer some deals on these days like (Poornima, Karwachauth, Navratri, etc.)

  • Durga Puja
  • Karwachauth
  • Holi

There are lots of other festivals in many countries, make sure you read this Wikipedia content to know properly about many festivals.

Omni Channel Strategy (Display, notification, Apps ads)

Now, we know our target customers. Our target customers are mainly foodie. Our target customers could be changed as per the festival season basis.

First of all, in omnichannel strategy, we need to follow in the particular local market in which we will show existing customers and new customers ads by different methods

omni channel strategy example

Our target should be the only mobile market, everything should be mobile friendly.

  • Message
  • Apps like zomato, swiggy
  • Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Push Notification
  • Youtube Ads

All you need to know that your local customers should be aware of all sides, they expect to see new things.

When they start seeing a new restaurant, again and again, It will help to register in their mind that there is something new restaurant in the market and new customers will start assuming it as the big brand.

Social media Ideas for restaurant

When it comes to social media marketing, you should prepare your accounts like a big brand. Don’t post only about your restaurant,

  • You should post some jokes on food
  • You should post some trending topic on dishing
  • Share a recipe
  • Contest
  • Polls on Food Ideas
  • And many more!

This is trending: Posting amazing graphics of foods on Instagram with hashtags really work.

Interesting Fact!

According to the 2019 Restaurant Success Report, 91% of restaurants use Facebook for marketing. Instagram is the second-most popular option this year, used by 78% of surveyed restaurateurs. 

Other stats are given below:

social media stats for restaurant

There are many other social media ideas for your restaurant business, make sure you read this blog to get more ideas.

In The End

So, these are ideas that you can use to market your restaurant business. Actually, I shared limited ideas because I know these are really workable. Focus on limited things with quality will help you win in the market.

Despite the fact, the Location is the factor. If your location of the restaurant is huge away from the metro market you may lose many customers but if your brand has made, you probably get customers wherever your location is.

I also planned to write on branding ideas and things that will help your restaurant go viral in the market.

Marketing channels for restaurant content is almost ready, once published, you will get notified.

Why I am writing these two blogs? Because I know these 2 blogs are also important to read in order to understand things more clearly.

My Opinion: Make your customers loyal enough, so they will bring more new customers (Friends) to your restaurant.

So, I hope you like this guide on marketing ideas for restaurants. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter in order to get notified with my new blogs.

Thanks for Reading. Happy Learning!

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