Marketing Strategy for Home Appliances Brand (Whirlpool, LG, Samsung)

by Gaurav Chatwani
Marketing Strategy for Home Appliances Brands


Today I am going to show you the detailed marketing strategy for home appliances brands like Whirlpool, LG, Samsung who manufacture products like AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, etc.

There are many things which we need to consider while making a branding & marketing strategy for big brands.

I mentioned many things in this strategy content.

Let’s get started!

First Things First!

Actually understanding the Indian consumer behavior is quite difficult. What you need to do is an analysis of consumer behavior by the help of the following terms:

  • Demographic
  • Ethnographic
  • Psychographic
  • Geographic

Understanding the Indian consumer behavior: Let’s take an example of the product washing machine. Washing machine mainly can be sold in the metro city market. Modern housewife’s especially use a washing machine for washing clothes.

Main target market

According to the example of the washing machine of Whirlpool Company, 

Married women want to purchase a washing machine.

The main targeting option could be women Age: 25-40 and in the metro city.

Target Audience Motive:

Its motive is to help women to consciously identify themselves as the real homemakers in the family

Whirlpool Memorable taglines examples:

Ice, ice baby’ for refrigerators, and ‘Mummy ka magic chalega kya?

Whirlpool Gingel:

After the end of the video, whirlpool gingel comes like Whirpool Whirpool which is very good to generate recall value in the minds of customers.

Customer Service

The company should be mainly focused on their customer service. They should cover all the questions that come in the mind of the customer. The customer is going to purchase a product for the long term and they will pay big price accordingly. The company should follow the user intention FAQ’s Strategy.

Brand improve trust:

This is a big brand which will cover the whole electronics market. So, the best way is to run the ORM campaign which is online reputation management and offline reputation management.

Reputation Management

It is important to manage the reputation of the company regarding the product warranty and guarantee and leaks in the product.

In Today’s market, one negative review can destroy your brand.

So, it is better to know how to deal with the negative review.

Today’s many people who have issues with some brand post videos on their social media accounts like Instagram and youtube.

The main thing, this type of videos goes viral on the market very fast.

(So, if you are running the marketing campaign of such big brand, make sure you mainly focus on ORM (Online reputation management).

Video Production:

Points to consider when making a video script for the product:

  • Problem solve of women on the home
  • Don’t tell more about your product.
  • Play with the feelings of the people like solving the problem of women in emotional concept way.
  • The husband should include in a particular video for the emotional concept.
  • Memorable campaigns and mesmerizing the words that help to go viral the brand.
  • Feels proud and high when sharing the product experience to other people.

The Main Game is all about Brand trust and delivering the right message to the right people. As Philip Kotler said in their marketing management book: Deliver Value and communicate Value.

Now when it comes to promotion strategy, there are Four promotion ways which include Advertising, Public Relations, Personal Selling, and sales promotion

Marketing channels strategy:

Now, I am explaining about marketing channels strategy in short points:

Online Marketing Strategy for Home Appliances Brand (Whirlpool, LG, Samsung)

  • Display Ads on categorized website
  • PPC
  • Youtube influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • SEM
  • Listing on electronics marketplace where target customer is
  • Youtube video marketing
  • Other related brand partnership
  • Third-party marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media regular post and maintenance

Offline/Traditional Marketing strategy for Home Appliances Brand (Whirlpool, LG, Samsung)

  • Television advertising
  • Telemarketing with relevant leads
  • Banners on relevant places like malls and another type of supermarket like a big bazaar.
  • Open your shop in the big market like the mall and big bazaar.
  • Holdings on Road
  • Radio
  • Connect with some agent dealers who have a good connection with the people.
  • Offline marketing team to promote product home by home with an attention-grabbing the offer.
  • Dealing with distributors and retailers in India

2 Bonus Marketing Strategies That will help Your Product Go Viral

At the end, when your product sales boosted. This is the time where magic referral marketing comes.

Mouth to mouth marketing/ Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy: 

Think about it, it is a game of trust. People believe in their friends, family talk. 

As their friends and family say that “I also purchased a whirlpool washing machine, it is amazing and using from 6 months, customer support is great”

You just need to market the above line to boost sales.

This is the magic of mouth to mouth marketing. It also helps to improve the awareness of the brand.

Events Marketing

Try to post events in 1-2 a month especially in Metro cities. 

You might be wondering how it will help?

Actually, when you communicate with your customers at the physical place it creates a trust for the product. When you show your customers their problems with their solutions at the event. So, the customers will get convinced.

You can easily influencer and convince the customer at the event with the help of an emotional concept.

Suppose you are going to sell washing machine product at the event, make an emotional script for that. The emotional script should include women’s problem when they wash clothes, dry clothes related to that.

Majority of the audience in the event should be the married women’s age between 22 – 45 Years. 

If your event script has power, right message, problem-solving solution, your event will become successful.


So, this is the marketing & branding strategy for home appliances brand. There are many things to consider when you are making strategy, I mentioned all those things in the above content.

I hope you liked it and found valuable knowledge from the content.

Happy Reading!

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