5 Effective Marketing Techniques That Will Make Your Business Unstoppable

by Gaurav Chatwani
Marketing techniques to grow your business

Hii Everyone!

Today, I am going to give you 5 effective marketing techniques that will make your business unstoppable and will attract more customers.

The Marketing Field is my specialization. I researched a lot and collect the best relevant techniques that actually work to grow business.

I believe in teaching with examples, case studies and practical situations because you will understand better. You may find some examples related to your business.

So, make sure you read this full post to have an idea of the relevant marketing techniques and gain valuable insights from it.

Let’s dive into this!

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a very specific type of marketing. To give a specific customer a specific product at a specific price. In this type of marketing, marketers target the specific demographic, specific pyscography and specific geography.

Niche marketing

To decrease the competition size, this marketing works

It captures the small area but that small area is all of your when you use niche marketing.

Let’s explore the niche marketing more clear

Specific Demographics: In specific demographics, you can focus on age, gender, level of income, browsing location, education level and much more.

Specific Geographics: In specific geographics, you can choose rural or urban areas, districts and specific type of community according to the location.

Specific Psychographics: In this, you can choose a specific type of values, activities, attitudes, personality, preferences, behaviour of the consumer.

Other specific things like lifestyle, occasion, profession, style, culture, activity, behaviour, feature reduction and much more!

A better way to understand things is to learn with examples and case studies. Right?

Thanks to my research, I always find examples of subtopics to guide you best.

Examples of Niche Marketing:

Star Cricket Channel: This is a good example of niche marketing technique. Let’s understand like this:

Example 1: Star Cricket

Star Sports is a channel.

It is a sports channel.

It is a sports channel for only cricket fans.

So, this is how to start a sports channel is using niche marketing as it is a sports channel for only cricket lovers.

I would like to give you one more example of niche marketing:

Example 2: Untuckit

This is a very specific type of brand which targets only those peoples who don’t prefer to tuck in the shirt. They mostly like their shirts to be Untuckin or tuck out.

Example of niche marketing

Screenshot source of website

This is an example of specific Physiography targeting. The shirts have been manufactured for the peoples who like to wear untucked shirts.

WOW, what a unique brand!

Undercover Marketing (Game Changer)

It’s a hidden style of marketing. The agents who worked behind the peoples, they whisper about the brand’s product before it’s launch.

It’s about creating hype for the brand’s product before launch. It’s about creating awareness for the product before launch.

In undercover marketing, the motive of a marketer is to generate excitement, curiosity, and energy in the mind of peoples.

People start eagerly wait for the product that will come. People start predicting about the product. It’s called undercover marketing.

If your undercover marketing gets success, it will become the talk of the town. Every news sources, online sources and media sources start talking about the product and hence brand goes viral.

Examples of Undercover Marketing

For example, undercover marketing especially uses in the movies in which it points some political issues, some social issues and hence become controversy and talk of the town.

Undercover Marketing Example

Bahubali 1 movie end was so surprised and created controversy on Why kattapa killed bahubali? So, this is an example of undercover marketing.

Padmavati is also an example in which the movie points the historic religion things.

Let’s think practically on Undercover Marketing:

Suppose you have a bike shop and you want to generate awareness of your brand with the help of undercover marketing, you can visit some bike-related websites and community forums and events to talk about your shop in a natural way.

 You can partner with some bike influencers on youtube to promote your brand in an organic way and spread awareness about the brand. The same thing applied in the traditional way, you can physically meet some bike influencers and tell them to whisper their knows and start a casual conversation about the brand.

So, I hope you now understand undercover marketing best.

Relationship Marketing:

The main aim of relationship marketing is to build long term relationships with the customers, clients, financial community and satisfying their needs, wants, demands, goals and desires.

Relationship Marketing

To grow your business with relationship marketing, you need to focus on these parts:

  1. Healthy & Friendly Relationship With Customers
  2. Relationship With Employees
  3. Relationship with Partners
  4. Relationship with Financial Community (Board of Directors)

Let’s make it more practical:

Companies should make separate offers, services, messages for their individual customers according to their past transactions data, their demographics and psychographic.

Hence, it increases the retain value of the customer and make good customer lifetime value. 

Good news for you: New Epsilon research indicates 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences

Make sure you use relationship marketing as it is the most important aspect to grow business. If you use relationship marketing, you made a relation with only one customer then that one customer will become the promoter of your business. He will start referring the product if they asked about the similar product that you are offering.

Examples of Relationship Marketing:

Gifts or messages sent to the customer on their birthday. Giving discounts to the customer on their birthday. It makes the customer feel more special and improves trust for the brand.

IBM well-trained sales force and service organization offer real value to customers by understanding their problems like their family, by staying close to them and fully understanding their requirements. Actually, the company make their customer feel special.

Customer Is The King!

Other brand examples who maintain the use of relationship marketing techniques:

  • Domino’s
  • Marriott
  • ArmorSuit
  • IBM
  • Salesforce
  • Panera

Cross Promotion Marketing

It is one of the most effective ways to get the awareness of the brand. To get more trust in the market, the cross-promotion marketing tactic is best. To increase the use case of your product, this marketing technique is best.

Today’s market is not all about the traditional method or outbound method. If you have a good third party influence then you could generate win-win profit for both sides. Relationship and partnership with similar brands can help your business grow.

The Win-Win benefit of Cross-Promotion Marketing:

It helps you increase your marketing reach and your budget does not increase. From both aspects, you are winning.

Examples of Cross-Promotion Marketing:

  • Liver tonic with liquor (cross-promotion)
  • COCa cola and Pepsi
  • Dominos and Coca-Cola
  • KitKat and Android
  • AXIS card with others
  • Amazon & American Express
  • UNICEF & Target
  • Areal and LG
  • Uber and Spotify
  • Nike & Apple
  • Starbucks & Spotify
  • Apple & MasterCard

COCA-COLA and Dominos Cross Marketing Example

Cross marketing gives results like this: Over 50 million KitKat chocolate bars were created with Android’s branding

Freebie Marketing

In order to sell high-value products and items, you can give your customer a low-value item for free. Actually, it creates awareness in the local market. Like you are giving some products for free and captures the market audience.

Now customers come to the store and get your free product. This is the time where you can influence and show them more attracting products.

Giveaways, bounty programs and airdrop programs are the examples of freebie marketing. This type of marketing is similar to the sample offering and then high-value products to the customer.

Another word of freebie marketing is “loss leaders” which is more popular in the market.

Examples Of Freebie Marketing:

Skincare product companies give free samples to the customer. If customer like the sample of the product then he/she buy that product.

When it comes to freebie marketing, Flipkart is also doing well in the market. Flipkart is giving some products at only 1 rs rate and offer other products in their supermart program.

Another example: Take Camellia Sinesis (Tea) and get a mug for free.

Paytm freebie marketing Example

Freebie marketing also applied in coupons like paytm coupons “Firsttimelucky”

Some people also use this technique: Socks for free and then also sell shoes to the customer.

Over To You!

So, this was the whole content fulfilled with examples, stats, practical situations and case studies. I hope you got valuable insights from it.

I hope it will help you to create a next game-changing marketing strategy for your business. 

If you face any confusion while understanding the techniques then let me know in the comments.

I am always here for you to help!

Share your thoughts in the comment.

Happy Learning!

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