The Unique 4 Level On-Page SEO Checklist 2019 to Manage Your Website’s SEO (With Excel Sheet)

by Gaurav Chatwani
On Page SEO Checklist


How are you, everyone?

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So, are you looking for perfect on-page SEO checklist to manage your website’s SEO?

Are you confused after reading so many on-page checklist factors?

Are you looking for new simple step-by-step on-page SEO management guide?

If you have similar questions like the above queries, then folks don’t worry you have landed on the right SEO blog.

You may probably have seen many types of on-page SEO checklist but tell me tell you the reality, all are somehow complicated.

Isn’t it?

Yes, if you search on Google about on page SEO checklist, and click on the above 4-5 results, all blogs have the same repetitive stuff to guide you about the basic details only.  

But nobody tells you about their personal strategy or how they manage they’re on Page SEO in a step-by-step format. Many of them, even also don’t know how to manage on page SEO effectively.

So after seeing such poor scenario about on Page SEO tricks on the internet, I decided to share my own on page SEO strategy which I personally use to get my work done faster and more effectively.

I made this super 4-Level on page SEO checklist for all of you to manage on page SEO like an intelligent and smart person.

I promise you all that you’ve never seen this type of guide or strategy flashing anywhere on the internet before.

With this, I also promise that every blog you read here includes freshness and uniqueness, never found in this world of internet everywhere.

I certainly believe that even, If I teach this strategy to the 8th class boy, he will also do this task effectively.

Guide you with examples

You all will agree that guiding with the examples and experiments is the best way to learn anything. So, I will write this guide with the examples and experiments.

So, without wasting more time, Let’s dive into this super 4 level on page SEO checklist guide:

Overview of the Levels of On page SEO Checklist

  • Level 1 (Firstly, Think, check and research like a Business Customer)
  • Level 2 (Analyse the site according to the customer, not For Bot)
  • Level 3 (The Level of Implementation)
  • Level 4 (Continuously Improve and Checking Regularly)

Bonus Tip At The End

Level 1 (Think and Research According to your Mind)

So, let’s talk about the level 1 of on-page SEO checklist guide. Now, I am making the first tab in my excel sheet named “Level 1”.

As I said earlier, I will guide you with the help of examples.

Here is one to explain the same. Suppose my boss gave me the project of some treatment hospital.

Website Market Research

The hospital mainly gives botox treatment services. So, I need to do on-page optimization for especially botox treatment page.

I will see the website for 10 – 15 minutes to research the business and its services.

In 10-15 minutes, I will check

  • The page
  • About botox treatment
  • Botox treatment related main blog
  • Botox treatment related questions and answers on quora
  • Think according to customer what they search
  • Competitor website

So, the above is just an overview of what I will do in Level 1

Here is the sheet screenshot:

Level 1 On page SEO Management

So, moving further when I see the page, the page is looking normal as the page only have headline, content about the botox treatment and their features.

The meta titles and descriptions of this page is not properly optimized.

User Friendly Titles and description

It looks like the content and items in the page is not enough to grab the customer attention.

So, I Google “botox treatment London”, and I found these results:

I can see some competitor pages, and I found that there are many things to add in the page to grab the customer attention or to understand the customer intention like what customers expect to see.

I read a blog of botox treatment about what is botox treatment and who is it for?

Blog Reading Topic

I read Quora questions and answers of botox treatment to know the personal suggestions and thinking of the people regarding botox.

Quora Reading Topic

After doing all these things, Now I will get sample idea about botox treatment and have clarity in the mind.

So, basically, what I understood is that botox treatment helps to rectify the wrinkles and creases on a person’s face. I write 10 things in the sheet that customer expects to see when they open the page:

  • Before and After Images Section: The customer expects to see the before and after images.
  • Overview of Botox and Treatment Duration: The customer expects to see the description of the whole botox treatment with treatment duration.
  • Faq Section: The customer expects to see the FAQs
  • Review Section:  The customer expects to see the review especially video review (This is main)
  • Get Free Consultation Offer: The customer expects to get a free consultation for some minutes.

  • Discount Offer: The customer expects to see some discount offers.
  • Packages And Charges: The customer expects to see the packages or charges.
  • Doctor Name And His Experience: The customer expects to see the doctor who will do this treatment
  • Booking Button And Timings: The customer expects to see the booking button or timings

Here is the sheet screenshot:

Web page strucutre

There are some other things that customers will expect to see but I think these are enough. Now, that’s how the page will become stand out unique in the market of botox treatments.

Author’s Tip: According to my experience, the Google search engine love the type of content which is unique and valuable to the user who performed the search of “botox treatment”. When you think about the on-page optimization like this, it will work believe me.

Level 2 (Analyse according to the Customer Mind, not to the bot)

Now, you know your target audience and also have a simple page structure in your mind. You need to analyze the site with various On page SEO & website factors.

Many people confused when they optimize the page, they just start optimizing the page without knowing the target audience and analyze the page. That’s why sometimes only on page optimization does not help to get your website ranked according to the researched keywords.

This is how I made this on page SEO checklist guide simple. In this level, you need to only analyze the website according to the technical and basic factors to find out the errors. After that, we will implement the changes and fix the errors in the 3R level.

So, Now I am going to analyze the page according to these 14 factors:

  1. Robots.txt
  2. Sitemap.xml
  3. Duplicate Content
  4. Page Speed
  5. Mobile Friendly
  6. Canonical Tag
  7. Indexing problems
  8. Redirect issues
  9. Analytics & Webmaster Tracking Check
  10. URL Structure: Slug
  11. Images Alt Tag Check
  12. User-Friendly Content Check
  13. Broken Links
  14. Meta Data
Level 2 in On page seo checklist

I write these all factors in the excel sheet Level 2 Tab.

Now, I will check that “botox page” step by step


I need to check that there is any disallow command that blocks the whole site for indexing on the search engine, is there any important page that should index on the search engine but not indexed because of disallowing command.

I check the robots.txt file and I found this:

Robots Txt in On page seo checklist

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php

This is a simple command to block that Wp-admin page which is ok.

Results: Passed


The sitemap is a very important thing to check, through this file, we can check all pages on the website at one place, their frequency rate of each page, etc.

I check the sitemap file and I found this:

Sitemap Checking

The sitemap is generated by Yoast SEO. All pages are set in the categories which are very good.

Results: Passed

Duplicate Content:

This is a very important thing to see when you analyze the website. According to the Google Panda update, if your website pages have duplicate content then your website may hit by the Google update and you may lose your website rankings.

So, I need to Check if there is any duplicate content that can be found on the web.

Many people do this task with the help of the tool, but personally, I don’t believe in the tools, I will check the content manually in Google.

Let’s see how!

Duplicate content in on page seo checklist

I copy one paragraph and paste it on Google with this “. I found this:

Now you might be wondering, there is no duplicate content on the page.


I just checked only one paragraph, I will check all paragraphs one-by-one to make sure that the page has unique content.

In level 3, we will create new content according to the web page structure that we have in our mind.

I hope you understand a little bit about how to analyze the site. Now, I will explain other factors in simple without example.

Page Speed:

According to the Google page speed update, It is an important ranking factor.

The fact is today’s user attention span is an average of 8 seconds. So, you need to make sure that your website loads fast in 3-5 seconds. If your website takes more than 8 seconds to load then there may be chances, the user will click on the back button and will open another website.

The page speed is too low, check screenshot:

Page speed check

This factor is somehow connected with Google Rankbrain.

If the user will click on the back button and open the other website then Google rankbrain algorithm will note this point and will rank your website down.

If your website takes more time to load then you need to work on it. Just copy your website link and paste it on the Google page speed insights, Google tool will suggest you some optimization things to improve page speed.

Mobile Friendly

The research says that nearly 60 percent of the searches now from mobile. This is a very big thing. Also according to the Google mobile-friendly update, this is a very important ranking factor.

Check that your website is mobile friendly.

But how?

Very Simple

Just copy the link and paste it on Google’s mobile-friendly checker.

Check the screenshot, the page is not mobile friendly of taken example:

Mobile friendly check in on page seo management

If your website is not mobile friendly, then your first and foremost task is to make your website mobile friendly.

Canonical Tag

You need to check the canonical tag on the website.


Because it can cause the content duplicate. There are many common mistakes with canonical tag, but you should know all that and check when you analyse your website. The website could have four versions:


Http with WWW


Https With WWW

For us, the URL looks similar but for Google search engine bot, it is not similar, Google will take this as 4 pages. So, it will cause duplicate content.

Make sure you check the canonical tag on the website and set it to the default website address.

Indexing Problems

Check if your website has indexing problem, Check the meta robots in the source, the Robots.txt file.

Redirect Issues:

Check if your some website pages redirect to other pages. This is not a big factor. But, we need to check the URL who shouldn’t redirect to the other pages.

For this, I use ‘ahrefs’ Site Audit Tool. This tool is really great as it shows me the status code of every URL that exists on the website.

There are many other free website links checker, you can try.

Analytics & Webmaster Tracking Check

Check that if your website has analytics and webmaster code for tracking the clicks and traffic coming to the website.

Analytics & Webmaster checking

If you found no tracking code on the website then create an account on Google webmaster, Analytics and create your account and take a tracking and meta code from that and paste that in the header of your website.

Broken Links

Check if the page has some broken links. I always check with this broken links checker tool.  

You need to check other things like metadata, user-friendly content, URL Structure and proper alt tags on the page.

broken Links

So, now level 2 is completed. We can proceed to the Level 3 now.

Level 3 (The Level of Implementation)

Now you have to make sure that the website is error free from the point of technical SEO factors.

This is the main level where you need to implement the things that you researched, and think according the customer intent and behaviour.

In the level 1, we decided the page structure on how the page will look like according to the customer. When customer opens the page, what are the things that he expects to see.

Now, I will make that sections and structure in the sequence.

So, the overview of this level 3 is the following:

  1. Page Structure Decision
  2. Content Writing for the page
  3. Content Optimization in the page
  4. User-Friendly Content Optimization
  5. Intention-Based Content Optimization
  6. Meta Titles, Description & Other Metadata Creation
  7. Relevant Internal Linking
  8. Keyword Optimization (Not Important)
  9. Alt Tags Optimization
  10. Image Optimization
  11. Keyword in First 100 Words
  12. Heading Tags Optimization
  13. URL Slug Optimization
  14. Schema Tag Optimization (If Required)
Level 3 in excel sheet

Page Structure Design

In the level 1, I decide the sections and things that should be in the page, now I will sequence that things seperate.

But how?

I will draw the dummy structure in the paper or paint.

Heading Section: The heading section should have good wallpaper and book now or contact now button.

Overview of treatment: Then the overview section should be placed with the left and right alignment.

Features of Treatment: Then the features section should be placed

Before and after images section: Then the before and after images should be placed.

Review & Testimonial Vide Section: Then the review and testimonial section should be placed

Get a free consultation (Call to Action): Then the call to action should be placed. It is because after customer read the review and testimonial section on the website, the trust will be automatically increased. So, it is great to set the call to action section just below the review section.

Doctor name and Experience section: Then This section should be placed.

FAQ Section: Then the faq section should be placed. This is the end section after this section, the footer will come.

Booking button and timings section: This section should be placed in the side of the page like the e-commerce.

Booking button and timings section: This section should also be placed on the side.

Now the page structure is ready. I will give this to the designer and developer to make the page like this.

Content Writing for the Page:

As you know that content will always be the king in good SEO, There is no doubt. That’s why the starting 3-4 optimization steps are only for the content.

Make sure the content should be customer friendly in the page. Now you know the market and the customer intention, you can guide this to your content writer, or you can write the content yourself.

I prefer to write the content myself. I also write the content on my own because I understand the business customer clearly. So, I can write the best content for that particular page.

I will write content for that page step by step according to the page structure.

Content & Keyword Optimization in the page

Now, I have written the content on the page. I will optimize it for grammar issues and make the content more user-friendly and easy to read.

Content optimization for the page

Here is why your content should be user friendly.

I believe that every business category should make his content more user-friendly and easy to read for their audience.

User-Friendly &  Intention-Based Content Optimization

Make your content user-friendly according to the user intention. You just need to make the content more simple and easy to read for the user.

For intention strategy, make sure to include the trust lines and call to action just after that.

Now you might be wondering about how it actually works.


See this example, this is the FAQ section of the website and look  how perfectly it grab the user intention with a user-friendly language.

User Friendly Faq optimization

If you can’t change the whole content in the user-friendly language then just make your FAQ’s like this. It will definitely help to rank for different phases of keywords.

Meta Titles, Description & Other Metadata Creation

Now, you need to create meta titles and descriptions for the page. It is very simple as you create a normal headline of the page.

The difference is all  in the names.

Meta Title should be 50-65 characters.

The meta description should be 150-170 characters.

These two things are important to write, don’t focus on another type of meta tags, just focus on these two.

The main game in title and description is all about CTR (Click through rate). If your title looks attractive you will get good amount of clicks according to the impressions volume.

If your page title is normal and do not looks catchy and attractive, you might not get clicks that  you expected according to impressions volume.

Experience Point: Google’s rank brain algorithm notes these things. That’s why CTR is the main game in the Meta titles and description creation.

Perhaps, you might be confused about how to make effective and catchy titles.

No problem! I am here for you. I will also do this task for you.

To make attractive titles, make sure what is your main keyword for that page. For example, we were analysing the page in level 2 with the example of botox treatment.

Our main keyword is botox treatment, now think about the highlights of the content. The main things customers want to get a free consultation, or some offers on the treatment.

I will make meta title like this:

100% Effective Botox Treatment (Location) | Get a Free Consultation Today

Get Botox Treatment Today By The Experienced Doctors

Meta Title Making trick

My Tip: Google these keywords and you may see some ads. The ads always are properly optimized and catchy. You could take an idea from that.

Relevant Internal Linking

The game of internal linking is very effective in getting higher rankings but when you know how to play it properly and like a pro.

Revise the content in your mind, now think about it, what are the other things that I can internally link in the content that provides value to the users.

It means if you do internal linking in the content then it should have some value for users and motive for users to click on that link, this is called relevant internal linking.

For example, if you have other treatment, contact and offers related to the botox then you should link that pages in the page

Keyword Optimization (Not Important):

I think this is not important when you researched the topic and written user-friendly content according to the user intent.

Keywords automatically come in the content but in different phases. Google rankbrain & it’s AI is very smart, they will easily understand about the page and will rank it according to the relevant keywords.

You are not living in the 10-15 years old SEO, you are living in the present 2019 era where Google is very smart and regularly give updates in the algorithm to improve the search results.

The main game is now all about the user experience and uniqueness in the page.

Alt tags & Image Optimized

User properly optimized images in the page. Properly optimized means low size images that help you make your page speed faster.

Alt tags optimization

Make sure to use relevant alt tags in the images. Use your main keyword in the alt tag for once in any image.

It will help understand google that is the image for particularly for the the keyword botox treatment and will help you rank your page.

Keyword in First 100 Words

Many SEO experts say that if you put your main keyword in the first 100 words then it helps to get your page ranked with that keyword.

I little bit agreed with this.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t for me. This is a myth that can’ be solved. But my advice to you, try everything so you know that it works or not.

Try this for once, if it works for you then it would be great for you.

Headings Tag Optimization

Make sure you properly optimized your heading tags according to the web page structure.

You can do like this:

H1 in the Heading section

H2 for the other sections: Main Heading

H3 in the section: Overview of topic

H4 in the main points

H5 and H6: If you want to use then you can use but I personally use heading tags up to H4.

URL Slug Optimization

Url slug optimization is very effective. Make your page URL slug short and effective which contains the main keyword.

URL Slug optimization

Don’t make your URL slug too long, my is to make it short containing the main keyword.

Schema Tag Optimization

Schema tag optimization helps to make your search engine preview more effective and catchy.

If the user sees the page on the google with stars, ratings, reviews and creativity then he will be more likely to click that SERP.

Level 4 (Continuously Improve and Follow Up)

On page optimization of the page not just ends here. After on-page optimization and the marketing of the page, if results are coming then it is great.

But if not then what to do?

Check your page again and ask for suggestions from your friends and team members.

You need to check your marketing activities and other on-page optimization things regularly.

Controlling is the main part of every successful digital marketing campaign. You may think that the page is perfect, it is the best.

But everyone has their different point of view to see things and judge. So perfect things will slowly come with the experience.

The more you try, the more you learn and will make your page perfect.

Continous Improvement is the ke

If you ask me to explain this Level 4 in one Line then, I would say

Continuous Improvement is the key!

Wrapping it UP (On Page SEO Checklist)

So, this is the 4-level simple on-page SEO checklist guide. I hope you will like it.

Do you want to master this? There are two ways:

First, now that you learned from this blog, teach this to your known whether it is junior or your senior.If you do this then this technique will fit in your mind for a lifetime.

I believe that if you learn something new then try to teach that new thing, your learning will be boosted by 3X for that particular topic.

The second one is….

Just try everything, if you try then you will win or you will learn. You will never lose.

This is my first post on this new blog forum, I know that there are so many mistakes in the blog because I am new but I promise that I will continuously improve my content and provide uniqueness, freshness and value in the content.

Let me know in the comments if you have any doubt regarding some factors.

Happy Reading!

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