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by Gaurav Chatwani

Google Ads/ Facebook Ads Services for Photographers to Generate Leads That Convert 💪

Looking to generate new sales leads for your photography business or beat the competition? Get your business/services featured at the top of Google or Facebook with our affordable and results-driven paid advertising services for photographers.

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About Us - Professional PPC Expert for Photographers 📸

Hi. I am Gaurav Chatwani, a photographer turned digital marketer with over 5 years of experience in the marketing (SEO & PPC) of photography businesses and photographers. I run a full-time digital agency providing online marketing and Google/Facebook ads services for photographers through a dedicated team of specialist marketing professionals.

We are committed to helping photography businesses or photographers like you to grow online with customised and results-driven marketing strategies. We develop and deliver tailor-made digital marketing solutions to help our photographer clients get more leads, sales and business through their websites and other online channels like social media and advertising. Having years of combined experience in photography and digital marketing and a powerful team to back me up, I am very much able to meet all kinds of advertising needs of my clients in the photography industry. Whether you’re looking to improve your online reputation/branding as a photographer or want more leads/sales for your photography website, feel free to contact me right away!

Why & when should you go for Google ads/Facebook ads?

Are you worried that your competitors with their cheap rates and alluring advertising are taking away a big chunk of your photography clients and leads? Are you wondering how to convince clients to go for quality and not cheap rates or quantity? Are you looking to achieve top Google position or maximum reach on Facebook with minimal efforts?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, you should go for Google ads/Facebook ads services for photographers.

Google ads and Facebook ads are two different types of paid advertising (PPC) methods, each with its own set of benefits. If you want more brand awareness and social engagement for your photography business, Facebook ads are ideal for you. But if you are looking to get more leads or sales for your photography website, Google Ads can give you better results. In short, if you’re after sales, leads and conversions, both platforms are perfect for you. While most businesses or marketers use Google ads or Facebook Ads as their last resort, i.e. when nothing else works, it, in fact, works best when combined with organic (SEO) marketing to drive traffic to your website and convert leads into sales.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We are an experienced photographer marketing agency providing specialized Google Ads/ Facebook Ads services to help Photographers grow their business and get more sales leads.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we mainly focus on and specialize in the photography industry and provide tailor-made solutions to help grow your photography business.

We use research-based data and insights to create marketing strategies that will absolutely work for your business and help you get the desired results.

Having a huge experience in preparing strategies and running Google Ads and Facebook Ads for photographers, we know exactly how to bring results.

While your competitors use cheap pricing to woo customers on Google ads/Facebook ads, we will optimise landing pages to make your clients see why quality matters over cheap rates.

As a photography marketing specialist, we have a very good understanding of photography keywords and competition and know how to optimise your ads for the best results.

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Google Ads/Facebook Ads practices & techniques we use

Years of practice

Through years of experience and extensive industry research, we have come up with the best set of Google Ads/Facebook Ads practices to achieve the desired results for our clients. 

Choosing the right keywords

This involves researching and choosing the best specific keywords, phrases, location keywords, long-tail words, etc. to build efficient ad campaigns.

Optimizing landing pages

We will create (if not already there) and optimize landing pages for your ads to get the maximum conversions and show your customers exactly what they want on your website.

Compelling ad copies

A deep understanding of the photography industry and customers gives us a unique ability to write brilliant ads along with compelling calls to action to make the user click.

Testing different ad text

Rather than using the same ad copy across all the channels, we experiment with different headlines and add text to find out the one that drives the most traffic/leads.

Tracking & optimising

For the best results, we use Google Analytics to keep track of your website performance from ads and make necessary changes in our strategy as and when required.

Client Reviews

See what our valued clients have to say about us –

My search for an experienced and trustworthy PPC expert for photographers ended here. Gaurav is a very talented and committed marketer with a good understanding of the photography business. He helped start my Google Ads campaign from scratch and now manages it full-time providing me consistent leads and results.
Shivam Pareek
Gaurav helped me set up my very first Facebook ads campaign. At the time when I wasn’t even aware that I may need a Facebook ads expert for photographers, Gaurav Chatwani and his team came to my rescue and provided top class services at very low cost. Thanks to his expertise, my ad campaigns are constantly doing well. Thanks again!
Rahul Sharma
I came to find out about this Google ads company for photographers through a colleague. Normally, I wouldn’t trust a new marketing agency with my business, but this one came with high recommendations. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed at all with the service. Gaurav is a professional and passionate marketer with a good knack for photography.
Aniket Ashwani

Who We've Worked With

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Facebook Ads/Google Ads Services for Photographers (What we will do for you)

From keyword research to ad strategy creation, implementation, tracking and optimisation, we offer a comprehensive range of ad services for photographers. You can choose a particular service or buy the complete package as per your business needs and goals.

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Keyword Research

We will use Google Adwords, SEMrush and a number of other tools to research and find the best relevant, low competition keywords and search terms for your Google/Facebook ad campaign.

campaign creation for photographers

Campaign Creation

Deciding the budget of your ad campaign after analysing your estimated profit goals and target customers is a crucial step. We will kick-start your ad campaign with a small budget to try things out.

ad copy writing for photographers

Ad Copy Writing

The actual text of your ad copy should be strictly relevant, focused and compelling enough to make the user click. Here we write engaging ad copies to make sure they convert.

landing page for photograpehers

Landing Page Setup/Optimisation

A landing page is where your customers will land after clicking one of your ads. We will design it to be unique, relevant, useful and to deliver whatever it is the customer wants.

reputation optimization for photographers

Reputation Optimisation

To ensure leads coming to your landing page convert we will optimize the online reputation of your business through positive reviews on websites, Google My Business, and other places.

conversion optimization for more photography leads

Conversion Optimisation

To help convert maximum leads into sales, we will optimize your sales funnel, website, reviews, landing page and position your brand/business as a trusted authority in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PPC Services For Photographers

If many of your potential customers are going to your competitors because of the low rates, even though your services are better, you can choose our Google Ads/ Facebook Ads services to get direct leads and sales to your photography website by displaying your brand/service at the top of organic results.

Well, yes. PPC places your brand/ads at the top of organic (SEO) search results for target queries, so you get better exposure and wider reach. In terms of cost, however, SEO is a more affordable option. They work best when used in combination.

If your competitors are bidding high for your keywords, the best you can do is focus on optimizing your landing page and making it awesome enough to inspire conversions. Besides, we have a number of ideas to optimize your ads for better impressions and clicks.

Of course. To start with, we will optimize your ad campaigns with the best keywords through research. Then, we will update your ad copy with relevant, impressive content, optimize your landing page for better conversions, optimize the sales funnel, set up and use pixel tracking, optimize online reviews and conversions, among other things.

Choosing the right ad keywords, creating ad campaigns, bidding for the best position and managing the campaign performance can be an exhausting and time-consuming process. A professional PPC expert for photographers can handle the job on your behalf and deliver promising results.

Google Ads are of multiple types, including Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads (YouTube), Shopping Ads, Local Business Ads, App ads, etc. Search Ads are what you see at the top of search results. Display Ads are shown on other partner websites of Google. There are two entities in Google Ads – Advertisers and Publishers. Advertisers are who show their ads on Google and partner websites and pay a fixed fee for each click (pay per click) on their ads. Publishers are the website owners who get paid for each click the ads on their websites receive.

Facebook Ads work more or less the same as Google Ads, but the platform where the ads are shown is different. Also, the two advertising methods target different kinds of audiences. While Google Ads are ideal for businesses looking to get traffic and leads, Facebook Ads give you more exposure and increase brand awareness.

Yes. As I said, Facebook Ads have a slightly different purpose than Google Ads, but the ultimate result is increased traffic, leads and sales for your photography business, irrespective of the type of advertising you choose. We offer both Google Ads services and Facebook Ads services for photographers.