SEO For Photographers – Facts, Techniques, Experiments & Implementation (Free Trello Board + Mindmap Graph) – 2021 Updated

by Gaurav Chatwani
SEO For photographers

Customers are searching for you, but they always find your competitors. 


Because your competitors have practiced SEO (Search engine optimization) on their website.

Do you also want to show up your website on top of google searches and get clients?

Or are you struggling to figure out how to show up in google search?

I made this in-depth guide is for you!

3 months ago I did a survey. In that survey, I tried to find out what problems do photographers face in SEO. Nearly 400 photographers filled the survey. The most common problems came out:

  • Photographers don’t know how to start with SEO. They need a proper system & process to perform SEO.
  • Photographers are overwhelmed by the technical SEO stuff.
  • Google new algorithm updates bother them hard.
  • They’ve struggled with a lot of SEO companies but still not getting desired results.
  • They don’t have enough time to perform the tasks of SEO for photographers.
  • They have buried some wrong myths and beliefs in their mind regarding SEO.

All these problems led me to make the most practical & problem-solving content on SEO for photographers. As I’ve been crafting problem-solving content and ideas for photographers for many years, it’s my duty to make this SEO thing easy for photographers. In fact, I asked some photographers from my network who have had good success with SEO. I involved their premium SEO strategies in the guide.

For photographers, SEO is one of the most valuable sources to get traffic and clients from online searches.

However, SEO may seem confusing and complicated to you. You’re not alone! As a photographer, it is natural as you belong to the creative field not technical. 

To simplify the concept of SEO for photographers, I included mindmap graphs. You would find this SEO guide engaging and super easy to learn and implement.

And To save your time and research, I’ve filtered out complicated SEO jargon and presented you with the most updated & fresh SEO guide for photographers 2021. 

In fact, now you don’t need to read 10000+ pages Google SEO pdf and get confused. : 

Well, I built a Trello board. I also designed a mindmap to make your SEO journey easy. You can expect these things in the guide:

  • 100% Free Trello Board + Mindmap Graph
  • Examples + Scenarios + Framework
  • Implementation Checklist – SEO For Photographers
  • 10+ Working Ideas, Experiments & Techniques For Photographers
  • Professional Support in Comments Section


Let’s Start!

How To Use This Guide – SEO For Photographers?

I don’t want you to get confused into technical stuff. As a result, I’ve divided down the whole guide into 4 parts:

  1. Facts
  2. Techniques
  3. Implementation
  4. Ideas & Techniques

We will follow the simple methods and implement those SEO techniques that really work in 2021.

I built a Trello board for you, so you can get a better understanding of how to implement it step by step. The Trello board includes all-important SEO tasks in a step by step manner.

Take a look at the board:

free trello board of seo for photographers

Plus download the mind-map graph to clear out the picture of the whole process.

Mindmap of SEO for photographers

Download Free Resources 👇

    Before we start, let’s read about what SEO is. 

    What is SEO?

    According to Wikipedia, Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

    Customers often search for different types of photographers in different states, you got to understand the important algorithms & factors of Google in order to achieve page one rankings. 

    And Organic source is the most profitable and convertible traffic source. It means the traffic that you will get from SEO will have maximum conversion rates.

    Now, let’s dive into section 1 which covers photography SEO facts, competition, mistakes photographers make, positive and negative of industry and many more.

    Facts On SEO For Photographers

    facts on photographers

    The facts section covers the following:

    • Authority and relevance
    • Competition
    • Why do most photographers hate SEO?
    • Types of photography
    • SEO myths of photographers
    • Mistakes photographers make
    • Good hosting

    Authority and relevance

    This is one of the most important factors that Google is weighing in its mind if it decides to show your page or somebody else’s page.

    Authority is the amount of trust that Google has assigned to your domain around a photography topic.

    Relevance is how closely it perceives your topic to line up with the photography niche.

    authority and relevance

    To know more about authority and relevance, read this guide published by Google.

    Both factors come under the long term SEO. These are the main factors that help you rank higher on your competitive keywords.

    I bet you that you probably get tons of email from the SEO companies making promises to you for page 1 rankings.

    Even, you would find some Gurus selling SEO courses with a guarantee.

    But, let me tell you the reality!

    There is no guarantee in SEO. This is a long term game. Now, there’s no gaming the Google system anymore and no easy way to achieve rankings. As a true & honest SEO expert for photographers, I will always share the reality with you.

    All old black hat SEO methods have gone as Google regularly comes with new algorithms.

    In fact, Moz shared around 200 Google ranking factors

    But, why go through 200 factors? I’ve made this guide simple for photographers and we will follow and implement the natural techniques that work in 2021 with a good understanding of important factors.

    Competition in SEO For Photographers

    Nowadays, Everyone with a camera in their hands thinks they are professional.

    Competition in SEO for photographers is booming high. Volumes are increasing day by day and hence competitors are also making their websites and trying to get ranking on Google. 

    The competition has never been fiercer and the barriers to entry have never been lower. 

    If you want to know about your competition clearly then look at businesses in your area that already do what you do. 

    Pay attention to the competition. 

    How many other people are doing what you want to do? Is there a place for you? This is straightforward if you are shooting weddings or senior portraits, but is a little harder to research if you want to shoot for stock image websites. 

    competitor analysis

    Some questions to ask when looking at the industry include:   

    • Who is the competition and what do they charge?   
    • What is the size of the niche?   
    • How well is the niche being served in your area?    
    • Is there an opportunity for growth within the niche?

    How will you compete with your competitors?

    Be yourself. It’s one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. Figure out what makes you unique, and build on that as part of your brand. 

    To compete in search engine rankings, I’ve shared a brand new technique named “categorized SEO”. Read here to beat down your competition in search engine rankings.

    Why do most photographers hate SEO?

    why photographers hate seo

    I might be wrong, but I observed that most photographers hate SEO.


    Because it simply is not connected with their part of work as it is more to do with content and codes and less to do with photography.

    It’s not easy to maintain a website, leads, and traffic. You probably need to have basic knowledge and practice of promoting photography business online.

    Photographers get confused in algorithms, content, keywords, on-page SEO and other technical stuff.

    And it is very natural as you belong to the creative field. You bought into this profession to click amazing photos and make your clients happy, not to maintain the websites and online promotion activities. 

    This is the reason why most photographers hate SEO.

    To solve your problem, we are providing Industry specialized SEO services for photographers which will help you to focus on your photography work and less worry with the search engine performance. 

    Types of photography

    There are different type of photographers like:

    • Wedding photographers
    • Candid Portrait
    • Events/parties photographers
    • Adult photographers
    • eCommerce photographers
    • Baby/family photographer
    • Wildlife Photographers
    • Real estate photographers
    • Product Photographers
    • Fine art photographers.
    • Sports Photographers

    Every business is different, and what works for one photographer may not work for you. 

    It totally depends on your niche, target market, personality, location, and available time and money resources.

    For example, most photographers have great success in SEO, while others don’t.

    For wedding photographers, SEO works out best while for wildlife photographers, it may not. As wildlife photography has a connection with selling stock photos online.

    New businesses often overlook this one thing. You need to know what type of client is going to be interested in hiring your photography services and where to find them. 

    And once you find them you have to get them to want to work with you, and then hustle to keep them as clients.

    To categorize your SEO and beat down the competition, it is the most crucial step to know your micro-niche clearly.

    SEO Myths Of Photographers

    Every year, Google rolls out hundreds of algorithm updates. With every update, SEO experts start assuming new techniques and myths in their mind.

    If you are not sure about the SEO factors and updates, you probably might be holding some myths in your mind which can affect your progress.

    Some myths that photographers have in their mind: 

    1. I will target all types of photography on my website: By being an everything photographer instead of a specialized photographer, your portfolio won’t stand out for any particular style. 

      Even Google may not consider you for every type of photography and puts out you from the relevancy factor.
    1. SEO is very technical: SEO may seem technical to you, but believe me, it is not! When you get mixed up with SEO tasks, you may get confused. And at the same time, when you do only effective tasks step by step, SEO will seem easy to you.
    1. Google will do it all for me: It’s not true. You need to give your 100% in content and follow all white hat practise. It’s totally up to you. Just having a website isn’t enough.

    Give your best and Google will manage the rest. “

    1. SEO Takes Too Much Time: It’s not true that ranking on your desired keywords takes time. It totally depends on the market you are trying to target. Most SEO’s says it takes 3-6 months to get rankings. In many cases, websites get ranking in 1 month and it can take up to 2 years as well. It all depends on the target market and practices. 
    1. SEO is Only For Big Players: Not at all! If you have the same myth in your mind, remove this right now. 
    1. Content is The Only Thing I Need: It’s not true. Google already announced their 3 most important ranking factors: Content, Backlinks and Ranbrain. To conclude, content is not the only thing, backlinks and rankbrain also play an important role in dominating rankings. 
    1. ROI Doesn’t Come Instantly: SEO is a long term game. ROI probably not gonna come in the 1st month. It takes time. However, once you start ranking on your keywords, you will get long term benefits for free.

    Mistakes photographers make in SEO

    There are a lot of mistakes photographers make while building their website and doing SEO. Mistakes are the following:

    Do SEO At The Beginning And Then Ignore SEO: One of the biggest SEO mistakes photographers make is to believe they can do some SEO at the beginning and then ignore it.

    Once Get Bookings, Forget About SEO: Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to do SEO when you get fully booked up, or think you don’t need to do SEO anymore.

    Trying Black Hat SEO Techniques: I often see photographers practising black hat SEO techniques which are wrong and can affect the overall website ranking performance. When photographers don’t get rankings on their desired time, they start practising black hat SEO which can get you immediate rankings but will get you in trouble after some time.

    Copying Competitors Styles: Photographers who start by trying to emulate their competition instead of separating themselves. Besides being noticeable to clients with a discerning eye, other photographers in your area may spot you for a newbie without your own style, instead of viewing you as a new artist to respect. 

    Marketing Mistakes: I will guide you this point with an example. One of my friends made a mistake in the beginning of her photography business. Her biggest marketing mistake was spending £800 on a full-page magazine ad. She thought it was a no-brainer since she only needed to book two sessions to recover the costs. Unfortunately, it was an expensive lesson in what not to do and is all too common among photographers. She vowed never to pay for a print ad again. 

    Only Images On The Page: Most photographers think that putting only images on the landing page will help them get rankings. But, believe me, it’s not true. Text Content is the most crucial part in the landing page. Having only images on the landing page will not help you get rankings.

    Large image Files on Landing Page: When putting a portfolio on the website, photographers forget to optimize the images. They put 2-3 MB photographs on the landing page which ultimately lower down the speed and hence rankings down.

    There are 100s of mistakes photographers make in SEO, however; I think the above-mentioned points are big ones.

    Good hosting

    Getting good & fast hosting is an important part when starting up with your website. If you buy hosting for the sake of some discounts and cheap price, you may regret it later.

    I personally prefer siteground hosting. I’ve been using siteground hosting since the last couple of years and I have good experience with this hosting.

    web hosting for photographers

    Here comes the end of part 1. However, I will update the part 1 Facts section regularly.

    Now, let’s come to Part 2-  Techniques.


    seo techniques for photographers

    In this part, I am gonna cover the following techniques:

    • Speed
    • Super categorized SEO
    • Natural Link Building
    • Blogging
    • Schema
    • Tools & plugins
    • Local SEO


    Page speed is an important factor to consider while doing SEO. 

    Consider this fact, 46% of people say waiting for pages to load is what they dislike most about browsing the web on mobile.


    Sites that load in five seconds (compared to those that load in 19) see 70% longer average sessions

    By considering these facts, you can assume why website page speed is very important in order to achieve top-notch rankings in Google.

    So, you shouldn’t put large files images on your website. It can decrease your website page speed which will ultimately affect your search engine ranking performance.

    Also, do not add multiple plugins in your website. Add only those plugins which are important. 

    For example, check this website’s page speed metrics:

    website page speed photography website

    Categorized SEO

    To dominate the rankings and beat down the competition, super categorized SEO plays an important role. 

    So, what is super categorized SEO?

    It means choosing those keywords which include specialization plus location as well. And by combining both things, it creates categorized keywords or long-tail keywords.

    For example,

    Suppose you are a pet photographer. Now, the task is to narrow down the reach and keywords.

    But, how?

    Let me make it simple for you!

    By narrowing down the pet photographer niche, you can target only dog photography.

    Let’s make it a micro keyword!

    Dog photographer in New York or Cat photographer in London.

    In this way, you would be able to beat down the competition and dominate rankings. Even, you will find low competition and good volume in these kinds of keywords.

    And the conversion rate in these keywords will be high as you are specialized in one thing and providing services in a particular location. 

    For example, Have a look on this website landing page: 

    categorized seo for photographers

    Location categorized pages example:

    categorized SEO location pages

    Natural Link Building

    According to searchenginejournal, A natural link is one that occurs organically (not easily seen as being placed by your company).

    Natural backlinks are links that are created naturally. It means the links that you don’t create for yourself. It could be created by your audience, your network naturally.

    A natural link is the best, safest organic ranking factor that helps to boost up rankings. 

    With natural links, your backlinks profile score will be good and it will ultimately help boost up search engine performance. SEO for photographers made simple with this technique.

    Customer reviews can be considered as a natural backlink. 


    Let’s take examples of customer reviews

    Customers unintentionally include keywords in the review which indirectly helps boost up rankings and create a natural backlink for a website or listing. 

    natural link building reviews


    Creating your services page isn’t enough to get rankings on Google. You need to provide value to your audience and get ranking on informational queries under your niche.

    To understand the difference between the two, think of a website like a brochure, while a blog is more like a conversation.

    Many photographers are finding success with blogging, as followers get to see a steady stream of new work and get to know more about them and their businesses. 

    Some photographers are booking clients specifically through their blogs. 

    Setting up a blog is easy, and you can find template designs created for photographers with custom photo portfolios. 

    I prefer WordPress for installing a blog on your website.

    The key to successful blogging is to make sure you update with fresh content on a regular basis, even if the business is slow. 

    Blog post examples: 

    • new trends
    • recent shoots
    • charity work
    • client testimonials
    • new products
    • client education
    • and personal tidbits. 

    Another huge benefit of blogging regularly is the natural SEO credits gained from blogging frequently. 

    onstie blogging for photographers

    Blogging has resulted in new clients and many new opportunities for me, and it’s something that I highly recommend when doing SEO for photographers.


    Schema is a great way to increase your click-through rate. It makes your search engine ranking page look more attractive and engaging so users click your result instead of others.

    Click-through rate is one of the most important factors in SEO for photographers. 

    So, what is the click-through rate?

    According to Wikipedia, Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement.

    I prefer FAQ schema and Rating schema for photography websites.

    Rating schema is for showing customer reviews & rating.

    FAQ schema is trending nowadays as Google recently allows adding FAQ schema in the search engine results page. 

    For example, have a look at this screenshot: 

    Schema faq for photographers

    Tools & plugins

    In this section, I am gonna share with you tools & plugins which are essential to track & manage your online promotion performance.

    • For a Website, I Prefer WordPress.
    • For a Customer Relationship Management Tool, I Prefer Hubspot.
    • Elementor Plugin For Website Designing & Templates Customisation. 
    • For Managing Team and Client Workflow, I Prefer Trello.
    • For Scheduling Social Media Posts, I Prefer Hootsuite.
    • For Scheduling Meetings, I Prefer Calendly.

    Go through this link to read more essential online tools for your photography business. 

    As your marketing tools start to work, you can begin to personalize strategies to make them even more effective.

    Landing Page Experience (Bonus point)

    Your landing page should be attractive & conversion rate optimized to generate quality leads. To make a perfect landing page for your photography business, consider these points:

    • Powerful Content Copy Focused On The Client
    • Keep your copy simple & easy.
    • Tell a story on your landing page.
    • Include an Intro Video
    • Keywords Optimized in Headings, first 100 words, list tag, reviews section and more.
    • Make sure to include the FAQ section at the end of the page.
    • Add your best work on the page.
    • Include case studies.
    • Hire or contact buttons in header and footer.
    • Call to action after review and intro section.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO is the best way to get clients from your city area. Optimizing your business listing on sites like Google Maps and yelp will help you get more leads and traffic.

    What should your title look like? – Take a look at this example: 

    local seo title for photographers

    Reviews Optimization example:

    reviews optimization for photographers
    Yelp reviews optimization


    implementation part for photographers

    Now, we’re into the implementation section. In this section, we will learn how to execute the SEO tasks properly and step by step.

    Let’s start.

    Domain, Hosting & Security

    In order to start your online journey, you need to book a domain. I prefer sites like Godaddy, Namecheap and Siteground for purchasing a domain.

    For hosting, I prefer Siteground Grow big plan

    For your site security and website speed performance, I prefer Cloudfare pro plan which starts at $20/mo. To save your site from hackers and virus attacks, it’s very crucial to invest some money into a security tool.

    Theme Selection

    After you complete booking your domain, hosting, and security,  it’s time to buy an attractive photography website theme.

    Themeforest is the best place to find attractive photography website themes specifically built on WordPress. 

    website theme selection

    Website Build

    In this part, you will have to create a plan & strategy of the website. I would suggest you start with this checklist:

    Designing of logo: You can start designing your logo with tools like Canva and Wix logo maker.

    Brand Tagline: Decide your brand tagline according to your photography style. 

    The number of pages you want to create: How many pages do you need on your website? For example, you can create 2-3 service pages, 1 contact page, 1 about page, 1 package page, 1 blog, and 1 homepage.

    Content-Length for each page – Decide the content words length for each page.

    Outline of the website landing pages: Create an outline of the landing page. It includes the sections which you want on your landing page.

    After you are done with plan & strategy, it’s time to take action. You can follow this action checklist: 

    • Hosting & Domain connect
    • CDN Setup
    • Pages List Setup
    • Plugins Setup
    • Theme Setup
    • Customization Of The Whole Theme
    • Emails Setup
    • Backup Installation On Website
    • Favicon On Website
    • Theme Integration
    • Outline of Website Design
    • Menu Design
    • Slider Setup in Header
    • Footer Design & Linking
    • Contact Form Setup On Website
    • Popup & Push Notifications Setup
    • Calendly Integration On Website
    • Chatbot Script On Website

    Did you find this whole process complicated? No problem, I’ve got you covered. As I promised, I built a Trello Board for you in which you will find all tasks and checklist maintained properly.

    Take a look on the screenshot:

    trello board on website strategy and plan

    Would you like to have access to the Trello board? Fill the form here: 

      Also, read these short tips: 

      build a photography website short tip

      If you feel like you don’t have time & expertise to perform these tasks then I would suggest you take my web designing & development service for photographers. As a Photography and Digital marketing expert, I have put die-hard efforts to fine-tune my web designing skills in past years. I know what it takes to craft stunning photography websites that bring success and value to my clients.


      After you are done with the creation of the website, the research part comes. This is the first step you need to perform while starting the SEO of the website. 

      Start researching questions on Quora related to your services. For example, if you provide fashion photography services then you should start searching questions on quora related to fashion photography. 

      This task will give you a better understanding of your keywords and topics customers search to find fashion photography services.

      Start doing keyword research on Google keywords planner after you are done with the Quora part. Research & select the most profitable and traffic keywords for your website.

      Through those keywords, you will find competitor websites. In competition analysis, you need to check the web pages of the competitor. Check their style and how much content they’ve put down on their website. 

      Here are some example of keywords research: 

      lsi keywords for photographers
      micro keywords for photograpehrs

      Website Audit

      In the website audit part, you will have to check your whole website for errors so your website will be search engine friendly.

      For your better understanding, I made this website audit checklist and I also mentioned the same in Trello board. Here you go:

      website audit for photographers
      • Robots.txt
      • Sitemap.xml
      • Duplicate Content
      • Page Speed
      • Mobile Friendly
      • Canonical Tag
      • Indexing problems
      • Redirect issues
      • Breadcrumb Check
      • Analytics Tracking Check
      • Webmaster Tracking Check
      • Tag manager Checkup
      • URL Structure: Slug
      • Images Alt Tag Check
      • User-Friendly Content Check
      • Broken Links
      • Meta Data Check
      • form & meeting link testing
      • Manual Audit

      You can also use tools like Neil Patel SEO analyzer and woorank to make your work easy. 

      On-page SEO

      In the On-page SEO part, you need to fix all errors you found in the website audit. It will also include the optimization of the website.

      I made this On-page SEO checklist for you. It is also mentioned in the Trello Board. Here you go:

      on page implementation for photographers
      • Errors Fixing Found In Audit
      • Page Structure Set
      • Content Writing for the page
      • User Intention Content Optimization
      • Setup The Google Search Console
      • Setup Tracking Tools
      • Video on the landing page
      • Image set in the page
      • Voice search optimization
      • Metadata Creation
      • Alt Tags Optimization
      • Headings tag optimization
      • Page Experience Review
      • Call To Action Optimization
      • Calendly Integration On Website
      • Contact Form & Popup for different pages
      • push notifications setup
      • redirect contact form thanks message to thank you page & subscribe newsletter thank you message
      • Schema Tag Optimization
      • menu header and footer setup
      • robots.txt and sitemap submit in webmaster
      • privacy policy new generate
      • security plugins setup
      • messenger chatbot setup

      After completing this part, your website will be optimized. However, you will need to update your website regularly.

      Link building

      Now, your website is completely optimized. You can start working on the promotion of the website by building high authority backlinks.

      I made this checklist of Link building tasks:

      • Guest Blogging On Photography Niche Sites 🌟
      • Photographers Profile Listing On Freelancing Websites
      • Onsite Blogging
      • Business Listing
      • Forums Marketing
      • Community Discussion
      • Portfolio Share On 500px
      • Facebook Groups, Telegram Groups & Social Media Sharing
      • Quora Questions & Answers
      • Classified Submissions
      • Off-page Blog Posting
      • Photography Niche Link Building
      • Engagement in the comment section of photography blogs
      • Infographics
      • Video Creation & Sharing

      Local SEO Promotion Tasks For Photographers:

      • Google Maps Listing Optimization
      • Replies To Reviews
      • NAP Submit
      • Authority Local Business Listing
      • Online Review Posting On Google Maps & Other Listing Websites

      You will have to perform these tasks regularly to increase your website authority. Over the period of 2-3 months, you will start seeing amazing traffic and keywords ranking results.

      Post SEO

      Our SEO journey doesn’t end here. We need to regularly analyze our search engine performance.

      In the Post SEO part, we will prepare the KPI reports making sure that our SEO campaign is on the right track. 

      I made this list of some important key performance indicators: 

      Organic Traffic – How much traffic are you getting from organic source?

      Leads/Conversions – How many leads are generated from organic source monthly?

      Increase/Decrease in Keyword Rankings – Keywords ranking is a crucial KPI because it helps to achieve other primary objectives like – More traffic, more leads, and more conversions. 

      Bounce Rate: What percentage of users exiting the pages without performing any action?

      Avg. session Duration: How much time users spend on the page?

      Click through rate: What is the CTR rate of the website. It helps to know how many users are viewing our SERP and how much from them are clicking on the SERP.

      For more information, check out this blog to know about how to measure the important KPI’s of SEO.

      Ideas & Experiments

      ideas & expirements for photographer

      In this section, we will discover some ideas & experiments that you can implement in your photography business to achieve extraordinary results.

      SEO work is not only limited to the tasks but also experiments & ideas. You need to regularly experiment with new ideas & techniques when your SEO campaign is not working. 

      Here are some ideas & experiments that you can try on your photography business website: 

      Top 10 Blogs

      Always try to get yourself featured in the top 10 blogs. For example, if you are wedding photographer living in London then try to find the blog like “Top 10 Wedding Photographers To Hire In London”

      These types of blogs are a very effective way to get ranking in top pages.


      Because when you get featured in the top 10 blogs, it will give a positive indicator to the Google ranking algorithm.

      top 10 expirement idea seo for photographers

      You can also collaborate with your top 10 competitors in the area where are you living. 


      Record & Publish A Video About How Do Your Photo sessions work

      If you are a fashion photographer, you can show the process of your whole work in a video. The video should include the backend work, behind the scenes, how you treat your customers and how exactly you deliver the work.

      It creates trust in the mind of your potential audience. The video will convince your customers & visitors to hire you.

      Would you like to see an example?

      Check out this video: 

      record & publish a video

      Add Clients Testimonial On The Landing Page Recorded In Video Form: 

      Adding client testimonials on your landing page will create trust in your visitors. It shows you as an authoritative & trusted photographer in the market.

      video testimonials website section

      I would suggest you add video client testimonials just before the contact form or schedule calendar section.

      Upselling On Checkout Page

      If you have a website built on WordPress then you can add a Woocommerce plugin to enable e-commerce functionality. 

      In the checkout page of your photography services, add some additional products that you can sell with the main service.

      For example, if you are a wedding photographer then you can add products like the album, pre wedding shoot, and other offers. By doing this, you are giving your customers access to add more important products to the cart. It will help you boost your revenue. In fact, Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.

      Proper Goal Tracking On Website

      You should set up proper goal tracking on your website through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It means your every contact form submission should lead to a thank you page where you can track goals easily. In the thank you page, you can add a WhatsApp connect button to directly connect your potential customer on WhatsApp for immediate assistance. 

      If someone subscribes to your newsletter then there should be a welcome page where users can visit other important blogs and resources of your website. It will also help you to measure your SEO KPI easily. 

      Facebook Messenger Chatbot

      To make the lead collecting process easy, you should install a Facebook messenger chatbot on your website.

      To install Facebook messenger chatbot, visit your Facebook page settings, go to the messaging section, you will find the “add messenger to website” option there. Follow the process and get the script. Add the script in the header section of your website.

      You can also build a custom Facebook messenger chatbot through Hubspot. 

      This idea will help you to connect with your visitor on Facebook messenger. Facebook Messenger is an engaging way to chat. Whenever you send a notification to your potential customer on messenger, it will appear as a popup in their phone.

      facebook messenger chatbot for photographers

      Follow Up Series Setup In CRM

      Once your visitor fills the form details on your website, you should have a series of follow up emails set up in your CRM.

      It will help you to automate follow up tasks to close deals easily. You can set up follow up emails in Hubspot CRM

      For example, the first email you can set up should be about Thank you email, the second email should be follow up email in 3 days, the third email will be follow up email in next 3 days and so on and so forth.

      Create Lead magnet Funnel

      Through your onsite blog, you can collect potential leads which you can convert later through follow up emails.

      For example, if you are sharing some wedding day poses in PDF or PPT then you can collect readers’ email addresses by sending them PDF in their email.

      Now, you got data. It’s on to you how you will use that data to convert your visitors into customers.

      Have a look on this funnel for better understanding: 

      lead magnet funnel example for photographer

      Add Google Form On The Landing Page To Engage With Your Visitor

      Many of your customers don’t exactly know what it is they want and it’s your job to help them figure that out. If you can meet their needs, wants, and expectations, you will have a happy client.

      You can add Google form extension on your landing page to ask some questions to your visitor for better engagement. It will help you to know more about your customer requirements so you can create a better sales pitch.

      I made the list of some important questions:

      • What do you plan on using the photographs for?
      • What are you hoping for, in terms of hiring a professional photographer?
      • Have you ever hired a photographer before? If so, how was the experience?
      • What style do you prefer (candid, posed, outdoors, and so forth)?

      Event photographers:

      • Is there a certain person who needs extra attention? 
      • Is there a certain part of the event that needs special coverage?
      • What is the goal of the images?
      • How will the images be used?

      Wedding photographers:

      • What is your vision for your wedding?
      • Have you seen a wedding photographer in action at another wedding?
      • What struck you as positive or negative?
      • Show me or describe some of your favourite portraits.

      Portrait photographers:

      • Why do you want these photos taken?
      • Where are these photos going to be used?
      • What’s your best feature?

      Sports photographers:

      • What team are you there to cover?
      • Is there a certain player who needs extra attention?
      • Where will the photos be used?
      • What is the purpose of the images?

      Website Conversion Ideas

      Your website should have a clear call to action in header and footer. For example, check out this website: 

      clear call to action for photographers

      Your website should have an easy to the checkout process. For example, check out this website: 

      easy to checkout process

      Your website should have a proper header menu. Here’s the example: 

      website header menu photography

      You can run fee photoshoot programs like this:

      free photoshoot program for photographers

      Conclusion – SEO For Photographers

      SEO is not something you work on once and then forget about. Make sure that your blog posts and website are being found using the search terms you want. Consistently tag your images and posts and, over time, you will build up a stronger online presence. It’s not something that you can do today to get clients next week, but it’s an important part of a long-term strategy.

      SEO will be very easy when you follow this guide.

      Trust me, you just need a perfect system & process to do SEO.

      To recap, I made this SEO guide easy for you by dividing into 4 parts: 

      complete mindmap to recap whole seo guide

      Facts Section: Facts section covers the competition, mistakes, myths and many more.

      Techniques Section: This section covers the best trendy SEO techniques that work in 2021.

      Execution Section: This section will teach you how to execute the SEO tasks step by step.

      Ideas & Experiments Section: In this section, we listed some ideas & experiments to try.

      I promise that I will regularly update this blog.

      I hope you liked this guide. If you have any questions & doubts regarding SEO for photographers, let me know in the comment section.

      About me for SEO help

      FAQ – SEO For Photographers (People also ask)

      How to read & use this guide?

      I built a Trello board and mindmap graphs for you to understand the whole guide easily. This guide is divided into 4 parts. Read every part step by step and download the free resources to take action quickly and easily.

      How has SEO impacted your business? Has it proven to be a good source of clients?

      SEO is the most profitable source of getting customers online. It can give you leads on a regular basis. Results may take the time of 2-3 months, but when we make our vision broader and long term, SEO is the best way to establish a strong presence online.

      As a photographer, I don’t understand technical stuff in SEO? What’s the solution and how to get started?

      It’s ok if you are overwhelmed by technical SEO stuff. You are a photographer, you belong to the creative field not technical. Your job is to capture creative images and make your client happy not to deal with codes. There’s a limited amount of hours in a day. I would suggest you outsource the SEO work to the industry specialised SEO brand for photographers like me. I am also providing professional SEO services designed only for photographers.

      Is doing SEO important for my photography business?

      Yes, it is very important. You can’t rely on word of mouth and clients through the network. Building a new source of traffic & leads to a photography business is crucial.

      Should I focus on other online marketing channels?

      Yes, you should focus on other marketing channels to get traffic & leads. Remember, you can’t rely on just one source. The market is changing very fast.

      How long will it take to achieve results with SEO?

      Unlike PPC, SEO is not a direct approach and, therefore, has no fixed timeline for results. It usually takes 3-6 months depending on the keyword volume and competition.

      What is SEO Photography?

      SEO is the practice of improving web page ranking in order to increase traffic, leads and conversions of the website. Photographers can implement SEO on their website to get more traffic for their product or services.

      What are keywords for photography?

      Keywords are consists of different phrases and searches people uses to find photography services or product. Well, type of keywords will depend on the industry you’re in.

      Is SEO easy to learn?

      All you need is proper framework and system to learn and practice SEO. Follow the step by step process system I gave in this guide.

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