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by Gaurav Chatwani

Increase Your Photography Bookings With Professional SEO Services 💪

Are you struggling to figure out how to show up in Google search? You’ve come to the right place! We help brave, hard-working photographers like you to increase leads, traffic, rankings and build a profitable business online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO Company - We Only Work With Photographers 📷

Hi there, I am Gaurav Chatwani, Ex-photographer turned digital entrepreneur working exclusively with ambitious photographers to grow their business online. I have a team of experienced digital experts who specially work in the photography industry with a good understanding of market and industry practices. 

Having worked with 100’s of photographers, we can help you increase your bookings, clients or orders through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for photographers. If you are looking for SEO experts who are industry specialized and responsible in their work, your search ends here. In short, here are a few things about us:

  • We only work with photographers. 
  • Searching for trustable SEO experts can be a daunting task, however, we are responsible and accountable for our work and we always give our 100% best in our work. 
  • To save your time and research, We’ve filtered out complicated SEO jargon and presented you with the most updated & fresh SEO techniques for photographers that work in 2020 and coming future. 
  • As a photography niche specialized marketers, We have a good understanding of photography industry keywords and competition to take your business from the red ocean to blue ocean.
  • We regularly publish problem-solving content for photography business owners in order to help them in almost every expects of their business.

You Should Go For SEO Services If...

  • If you are overwhelmed by the technical SEO stuff.
  • If you don’t have enough time to perform technical SEO things.
  • If you are confused about how to start and from where to start SEO.
  • If you already have struggled with a lot of SEO companies but still not getting results you wished for.
  • If you are stuck with SEO myths
  • All your competitors are fighting for attention on Google search and you are struggling about how to show up on Google search.
  • When your existing website SEO performance is not good and you are looking for a quality solution to increase your traffic and leads through SEO.

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We Use These SEO Techniques To Achieve Top Page Ranking

Photography directory

Photography Directories Promotion

Not only do online listings help customers find you online, but they also give your website more authority according to Google, meaning they have a positive impact on your SEO rankings.

Guest Posting

Relevant Guest Posting

We will send user-friendly, engaging and informative content to the sites which accept guest posts. It’s actually a great way to build quality backlinks by giving value to the guest posting site’s audience.

Advanced Micro Keyword Research

Your all competitors are fighting to get attention on some common keywords, however, we will target micro long-tail keywords that will ultimately help to rank on those keywords that generate quality leads.

Natural Link Building

Natural Link Building

The time is gone when SEO experts relied on old black hat link building techniques. One simple fact is there’s no gaming the Google algorithm system anymore. We will build quality natural links to your site that meets the Google algorithm guidelines.

On Page optimized

Highly On-Page Optimized Convertible Landing Page

When it comes to converting leads with the landing page, On-page optimization is highly required on the landing page. We will optimize your website’s landing page to generate more leads from the landing page.

Website Audit

We will run an advanced website audit for your website in order to avoid website errors that affect the search engine performance. The whole audit programme will make your website error-free and increase the SEO score of the website.

Local search engine optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Why target the whole country when you can get leads from your local area. We will list your business to the local listing websites to ensure traffic and leads from your local area. Similarly, if someone searches for photographers in your area, we will ensure your listing should be on the top.

SEO Branding Technique

SEO Branding Technique

We will use our unique SEO branding technique that impacts search engine performance. Using your studio name with the topics will generate brand awareness for your business and will ultimately help you increase search engine performance.

User Friendly Content Blogging

User-Friendly Content Blogging

The huge benefit to blogging regularly is the natural SEO benefits. Blogging has resulted in new clients and many new opportunities for our clients, and it’s something that we highly recommend.

Where do clients usually find you?

The time is gone when you relied only on referrals and word of mouth for getting new clients. In today’s digital era, most photographers don’t realize the importance of SEO in their business. Think about it! For example, if someone wants to hire a photographer for their wedding or some other work, they’re probably gonna search on Google. 

In fact, 42.1% of photo buyers and clients search for photographers on Google. That’s actually a huge opportunity to get photoshoot orders from your website. One simple fact is Customers are searching for you, but they always find your competitors on Google search. And we are here to fully help you dominate Google search ranking with our quality SEO services for photographers.

What Clients Say

They are spectacular in SEO. Very honest and responsible guys. Specially, they are expert in photography niche. If you are a photographer looking for true digital marketing experts, I prefer Gaurav chatwani for all your photography marketing needs.
Fashion Photographer
SEO audit

SEO Can Fill Your Booking Calendar. Request For Free Video Audit Report

Request For A Free Audit Report. I Will Make A Video Of Your Website Audit And Will Give You Strategy.

You Should Hire Us Because...

We are Responsible and Accountable. Most of the time photographers take tension and stress about their SEO work, We can understand you very well. As industry specialists, We are responsible and accountable for our work. We will take full responsibility for your website’s SEO work. 

Industry Experience

Understanding of Industry Keywords and Traffic

Having worked with multiple photography clients, we have a good understanding of industry keywords and how traffic comes from potential keywords. In result, we will help you better in managing your online business presence than others who are working in all industries.

Trendy Seo Practices

Focused on Trendy SEO Practices

One simple fact is there’s no black hat SEO and shady practices game with Google algorithm. The time is gone when businesses relied on those strategies, however, we regularly read Google updates and follow the latest techniques to get ranking for your photography business.

Simplified Process

Simplified Process

Having worked with photography clients, we build a simplified process to get you started with us. There is a no longer confusing SEO process that holds the project. We believe in a step by step simplified approach to start work on the project.

Customer Focused Content Practice

Customer Focused Content Strategy That Works

We have a good understanding of what the client thinks before hiring a photographer. So, Our content writing and optimization strategy are completely based on customer approach. The more we show care about the customer in the content, there are more chances of getting leads through effective copywriting.

We Follow 3 Step Simple Process To Start Work

Details Form & Keyword Research For Your Business

  • In the beginning, We will do a consultation call to get full details about your business. 
  • Then, We will do advanced keyword research for your business. 
  • We will do a competition analysis for your business.


  • After the first step, we will run an audit programme for your website. 
  • We will do the on-page optimization of your website. 
  • Content Marketing & Off-Page Link Building Work.

Reporting And Performance Tracking

  • We will send you weekly reports of our work.
  • We will have a monthly skype or zoom call to discuss strategies.
  • Performance tracking on a monthly basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Services For Photographers

Well, you are right! You will find a lot of SEO experts working in all industries, however, we work only for photographers and we have extensive knowledge and experience in this particular industry. So, we would be able to help you better than anyone.

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve worked in the photography industry for 3 years and worked in the digital marketing field as well. Me and my team worked with a lot of photographers and we are accountable and take full responsibility for our work.

We don’t guarantee results. I believe in running a business with honesty and best collaboration. SEO is a long term game and nobody gives you guarantee for results, however, as SEO specialists for photographers, we will take care of your online presence and will help you get the best results through Search Engine Optimization.

We follow our 3 step simple SEO process that helps you save your time, money and energy.

Our SEO packages are budget-friendly starting from $100. Check out packages here:

Usually, It takes 3-6 months to get SEO results.