Tips to Manage your Customer Journey From #1 SERP to Sales

by Gaurav Chatwani
Convert WEBSITE Visitors into Customers

Are you ranking on 1st result on Google for your keyword but still not get sales.


Well, It depends on many factors why you are not getting sales online from your keyword. It’s not all about ranking, landing page optimization according to the customer intent is also an important thing when it comes to getting sales online from your keyword.

Hii everyone!

Today, I am going to give you tips to manage your customer journey from #1 SERP to sales.

In Fact, I also use these tips on my client websites.

Let’s Convert Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Reasons Why you are Not Getting Sales Even You are Ranking

So, you ranked your website’s page #1 SERP for your keyword. Now you are waiting for sales and leads you are going to get from the website page.

But you are not getting sales even you are ranking #1 SERP. You probably heard about this fact: “96% of search results click are from Top 4 Position”.

Yes, it is correct!

You have checked your analytics and you saw that you are getting visitors and it’s improving day by day as you are ranking #1 SERP.

But still not getting sales, right?

There are many factors why you are not getting sales, even you are ranking top on google for your keyword. Some of them are as follows:

  • Your website is not Conversion Based Optimized
  • Your page’s content is not customer intent optimized
  • You are ranking on Wrong keywords
  • Your website page speed is slow
  • Your website is not mobile-friendly
  • The graphics used in the web page is not attention Grabbing.
  • And Many More!

Get Sales/Leads with the help of these conversions page Optimization Techniques

These techniques will help you convert your website visitors into customers or sales.

Use call to action

First of all, you should use the call to action lines on your page. It helps to grab the attention of the visitor. 

Call to action would be the offer, your demo and the things that you are offering in your product. For example, you are a sales software provider and you created your web page and it’s ranking on google very well.

You should create interesting headlines for your sales software, you should focus on the peak points of customer intent like tool software screenshots, customer reviews in video form, branded logos and many more things.

For example, have a look at the HubSpot call to action strategy:

Call to action lines
Screenshot Source Hubspot Sales Page

You may probably know this fact: Today’s maximum people’s attention span is only 8 seconds. It means most of the visitors will come to your website and leave the website before 8 seconds if they don’t find any interesting thing on the page. 

So, make sure you use the call to action lines according to your business. If you want me to make the awesome call to action lines for your business page then let me know in the comments.

Use Attention-Grabbing Graphics

This is also a good way to grab customer attention. Using animated graphics according to the product that creates a sense of urgency, feeling of trust and catchy is good.

Make sure you include interesting lines in graphics. As you know the fact, users now prefer more to watch and see instead of reading. Actually, the customer who visited your web page is not going to read full page content about a product, they most probably going to see the screenshots of the tool, video, reviews with starts, customer video review and your portfolio.

For example, check this graphic

Attractive graphics to grab user attention

Use Form in Header

If you are providing software type products or services then you should use the form in the head section of the web page.

This is something like you are catching a mouse without any trap.

So, make sure you use the form in the head section and use the call to action lines that force the customer to fill the form.

If you are offering a product in the market then you should also provide some offers that benefit the customer. Call to action would be an offer that will force the customer to fill the form for the offer.

It would be better if you also add some sense of urgency lines before the form. The lines that make the customer feel urgent. If you use lines like offer till tomorrow or offer till midnight then the customer may fill the form.

For example, check this form screenshot:

Form in head section of website

Show Previous Customer Review (Video)

One of the best method to create trust in the mind of the customer. Actually, there are many steps occur at the time of the customer buying process.

When you show your customer a video review, it creates trust and the customer who was thinking too much before buying the product will immediately buy it.

For example, you can show your customer a video like this:

customer video review-min

Product Features

When it comes to selling software, you should explain the product features very well in the content.

It’s important to do research on consumer problems, the problems they are getting in the current scenario.

The product should solve all the problems of the customers. So, it is important to show all problem-solving features of the product on the web page.

So, the customer will have an idea of what they are going to get after buying.

For example, have a look at the Hubspot marketing product features section:

Product features to satisfy customer
Screenshot Source Hubspot Marketing Page

Demo Or Schedule Demo Type Call To Action

When it comes to sales software, it basically offers leads management, email management and customer relationship management dashboard which helps to manage your business sales, customers and leads easily.

In addition, the customer would definitely expect a demo button or schedule demo button because the customer would like to try the software first before buying. Here physiographic and ethnographic comes because customer first intention would be always demo or trial. It is also an effective way to convert site visitors into customers.

For example, take a look at the referral rock landing page:

Schedule demo conversions strategy

Portfolio & Awards (Sign of Trust)

Now you did implement everything correctly when it comes to conversion rate optimization practices but still not create trust in the mind of the customer.

You are missing to show your portfolio & awards you got for the product you made, or you can say the awards you got for your services.

Now it’s time to show portfolio & awards of the product just after the video review section of the customer. As I said, there are some stages when the customer scrolls the page. When you show your customer many things that they expect to see before buying then your product will be sold.

So, if you want to create trust in the mind of the customer then make an attention-grabbing portfolio section.

For example:

Trust & rewards & Portfolio section


May be customer will have some doubts in their mind after reading all content. Right?

You should add FAQ section in the website page’s end. It will help to clear all doubts that remain in the customer’s mind.

This is also a good way to satisfy customer intent from all aspects. For example, check this:

FAQ Section to convert visitors into customers

Final Tip (According To My Experience)

Pricing Section After Video Or Customer Review and Portfolio

When it comes to buying software products, the customer would have budget intention in their mind before buying a product.

I think it works well if you put your product pricing packages just after the customer video review section or portfolio section.

It would also work better if you put your review section after the packages section. Both work great!

The intention behind this strategy: The customer could be satisfied when they scroll down to the video review section. So, if you show them packages section just after the review section, it will work.

For Example, have a look at this one:

amazing pricing strategy that coverts
Screenshot Source Hubspot Sales Page
Now It’s Your Turn (Convert Your Site Visitors into Customers)

I hope you like this content and got valuable ideas from it to create your conversions strategy.

Now it’s your time to try these strategies. If you only learn this then it could not work. You should apply these strategies practically on your projects or business website to master these techniques.

When you see the results after trying these strategies, you will get more confident.

Happy Reading!

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